Next Phase Is Complete!

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Hey Everyone!

Hope you're all well. Just wanted to post an update to where I am right now with my new online business.

After investing in Optimize-Press a few days ago I have now become familiar with the basics of how it works and have generated a new sales page for my latest product.

I cannot believe how easy it is to create awesome looking pages with this theme! Well worth the investment, and thanks to everyone who gave their reviews on it and who helped me before I hit the "Buy" button!

My cover artwork is now back from the designer and loaded into the product, and converted to a PDF, so it's ready to go!

The product is a free giveway for building my list, so I now need to ditch the crappy PLR product on my blog for something that I am truly proud to put my name to, and that I KNOW will give value to my subscribers!

I have integrated a "Done For You" paid service at the end of the free product with a viral element so I am really pleased with how it's turned out.

Now it's time to return to my traffic generation methods that I have been concentrating on mastering.

To date I have been able to generate 20-30 new visitors to my blog per day for free. Nothing epic I know but it's results all the same and this is now beginning to increase to approximately 50 per day on average right now, so things are moving in the right direction!

My next goal is to get this up to 100 visiters per day which will hopefully give me enough traffic flow to start and tweak and fine tune my sales funnel.

At this stage my funnel is purely affiliate but in time my goal is to be able to create my OWN product funnel.

So now it's head down, generate that traffic up to 100 visitors and test, tweak and test some more!

I'm so excited about the road ahead. Never thought I would ever have been able to get to this stage and actually have everything in place with my very OWN product!

Just wanted to share this with anyone who is struggling to get the basics nailed. My advice is to plan the time you have for your online business in advance of each new day and STICK to that plan, so you know you are spending it productively!

Also try to keep it simple at first. Focus on one thing, till you have it dialed and then move on! Info overload is a surefire KILLER and you will end up gaining little or no momentum, get discouraged and possibly give up as a result.

Trust me, you CAN do it with some focus, commitment and hard work. Hell if I can do it, any one can!

Wishing you every success!

Andy Benson
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