[Listbuilders] I Wish I Knew This BEFORE I Got Started...

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Hello fellow warriors and internet marketers, howdy!

I wanted to share my personal experience with list building and things that I wish I would have known before I started to build a list.

It's not "OH MY GOD WITHOUT THIS YER GONNA FAIL FOREVER" kind of stuff, but I guess that if somebody, somewhere would just approach me (virtually ofc) and tell me those things, I would have reached goals faster, achieved results faster and of course let's not forget the most important thing -

Get the momentum faster.

So let's start pwning -

Number #1 - Learn from the Pro's (The Inbox Way)

Instead of buying tons of list building products, I could just simply log into my email inbox and learn from those who sell the same products that I buy.

In other words -

They send me an email with a promotion designed to teach me how to sell to my list and I end up buying that offer.

They sold me these offers a dozen times, so instead of learning from the offers, I could just learn from them because they made me buy through their affiliate links.

Would have saved me lots of time and money.

Number #2 - Talk Benefits

What do I mean? well..it took me awhile but..

People want something, they want a promise.

they want to know what's in it for them.

They don't care what that wordpress plugin does!

For example -

"This easy-to-use wordpress plugin improves the conversions of squeeze pages, sales pages and blogs by 100%"

Those are features.

"This easy-to-use wordpress plugin boosts your conversions by 100% resulting in you making tons of money with minimum traffic and practically ELIMINATES all your traffic problems, forever"

Those are benefits.

ok so this salad has an awesome feature, it has only 200 calories in it.


How does the fact that this damn salad has only 200 calories in it help me?

Oh, It's benefits me because it's tastes really good, It satisfies my appetite and It's easy to make, requires minimum ingridients and only 3 minutes of preparation.

I hope you get my point, talk benefits with your list.

What's in it for them?

They will always themselves 3 main questions -

Why do I need this? (solvers your weight problem)

How does it benefit me? (3 minutes of work, easy to make, satisfies your appetite etc.."

Where can I get it? (call to action)

So yeah, talk benefits.

Number #3 - Stay Relevant & Encourage Engagement

Let's start with Staying relevant or should I say..becoming relevant?

For a long time I thought I could just go "bombs away" with my lists and they will buy from me..

..wrong way of thinking.

Not only that, I also ignored the fact that my market has a problem, and they signed up to my list because my offer offered a solution to their problem.

If they subscribed to learn about list building, how interested will they be in product launching??

True, product launching and list building are both secret language we use in internet marketing and somehow related to each other, BUT...

...That's not what they want to learn about..not right now..

So why the heck would you promote everything under the sun to your list about list building?

Disagree with me? maybe...but I can assure you that the conversions will be much lower if you promote a video creation course to a list building list.

Time might change the way your market thinks and the problems that require a solution might change, because they move forward with their businesses.

But staying "on Target" eliminates risk, produce better conversions and basically makes more money.

Now Let's talk Engagement.

Things really started changing once I started asking my list questions.

Actually asking them to reply, to leave a comment or to fill a survey, or to add me on facebook.

Talking to my list, helped me with many things..such as -

1. Product creation Ideas, they told me what they wanted me to solve.

2. Ways of delivering the information for their comfort (how do they want it? report? video? audio?)

3. R-R-R-R-R-elationship building (for starters they know why they are on my list, they also know how it benefits them STAYING on my list and most importantly WHY I'm the man to trust and learn from)

4. Getting to know them (and maybe, just maybe turning them into high-paying clients such as coaching students of whatever higher in my funnel)

5. Freakin' nuke the $!#^# out of that stupid writers block (finally, I was able to create content that I know will benefit them)

6. Getting to know your target market (you know WHO your talking to and WHAT they want, and it's a little deeper then 7 figure cars, 12 figure houses and fat bank account)

So to conclude this post..these are tools and weapons that I wish I was armed with BEFORE I started to build my list.

And by the way, if you already have a list and you haven't thought about these things..it's never too late to start, or learn.

(and fix!)

So I hereby finish this post by saying THANK YOU for reading it all the way through, and I really hope this helpes you as much as it helped me.

And if this helped you, hit the thanks button, It's free .


Tom Yevsikov
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