Where do I find the Best WSO Coach?

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Where do I find the Best WSO Coach?
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    Suggest you may want to look at Kenster who is still running his Six Figure Alliance. His WSO is here.

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      I think it depends on what you want to do, and your personality, budget, what level of support you feel you need, etc.

      You need to take into account that support can vary a lot; some people do one on one phone sessions, others group coaching via email (lower budget generally-or it should be), and prices can vary from almost nothing to $200 for one phone call, and probably more.

      I suggest doing a lot of research if you haven't already; get to know the leaders on the forum; buy their WSOs, or revisit the ones you have bought to see who really impressed you. You could approach someone whose WSO you liked even if they have no official coaching program and see what kind of relationship might be possible.

      This thread might be helpful in your research (ignore the usual comments arguing that everyone is just out to rip you off): http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post7913896

      I hope you find the perfect fit and become the next Frank Kern, or whatever you aim for.
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    What are you trying to learn?

    There are a lot of great coaches out there.

    But once your figure out what your specifically you want to learn, we can give your recommendations.
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    Yes, be careful about the people you choose. There are quite a number of coaching programs where the only real money the people are making is by actually offering their coaching program. These are not the people you want to learn from.

    Look for those who are actively selling other products and services besides their coaching. Those people who are DOING what you want to do and not simply teaching it. There's a big difference. They are the sort of people you want to replicate.
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    Try John Thornhill

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    Are you wanting an IM business coach or do you want to be another WSO peddler?
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      Originally Posted by salegurus View Post

      Are you wanting an IM business coach or do you want to be another WSO peddler?
      I think we will take peddler for no hundred dollars bob.
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    First we need to know what specific goal do you want to accomplish online?

    Without having a specific goal in mind, no coaching will be able to help accomplish anything.

    So first you must set out, what exactly it is that you want to accomplish online and then we will be better able to help and assist you.
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    Originally Posted by napoleonfirst View Post

    Where do I find the Best WSO Coach?
    Hi Napole

    there are many good coaches there is only one guy you need to try John thornhill
    he created a product via wso named wso domination if he cant learn you nobody can and its less than a fiver.

    Hope This helps

    John Richards
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    i'd be interested in knowing what kind of coach you're looking for too.
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    I would recommend Kenster also. But, you need to look beyond a WSO coach. I would think more focus would be placed on product creation and providing quality products. You can have the best WSO coach in the world, but if your first couple of products are not up to par, then you just end up with a bunch of refunds, angry customers, and lonely future WSO's.

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