Gigs, how well can they be monetized?

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Hey all,

What are your thoughts on providing gigs...? like on Fiverr, gigbucks etc....

Can a good bit of money be made? Are you making good money? Know someone who is?

It's good to know your thoughts!

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    I made some reasonable money on fiverr in the past when i needed money to invest in other IM ventures.

    If you create the right gig and then really overdeliver it's easy to upsell related services to customers. With the gig extras you can now offer it is easier still to turn a $5 gig into $20 - $50.

    The main point is overdeliver to make your customers think wow this guy is good. One gig I used to sell is 60 second intro vids. They were created using one true media but I actually delivered 2 different videos. I then offered to do seo on the vids and outsourced this work on fiverr and made reasonable money

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    I no this is bad but there loads of ppl saying and offering anything relating what they can get fiverr to do.

    I remember reading i think this forum of a user pulling in 40.000 month, and only out source every thing.

    yep correct 40.000 moth was proven i was shocked, but he had a authority web site and that was raking in dollars with absence unreal.

    he told me that one pr9 gives him 3.000 week as a link unreal.....
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    It really depends on what you sell and how you upsell it

    I've landed several 4-5 figure gigs from Fiverr.
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    On the front end, earning $100+ a week is possible but not everybody makes that much, infact only a small number of people make that much. More than USD 1000 per month and you are on your way to be a top rated seller other things being fine.
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    what this about this man got millions on the go.
    100% Success Rate

    he live now on the website him self quick watch
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    From what I've seen, they can be good for some side income, but you really want to stand out to really make a decent income. Find a niche that you're interested in and do some competition analysis, if you think you can do it better, i say go for it.
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    Nobody makes millions from fiverr. PERIOD.
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    For you to make any sort of real money from a gig like Fiverr, you need to provide a service for which there is a REAL demand.. There are too many folk doing the same thing.. I myself have done SEO & driving traffic gigs & have done quite well in these. (I don't offer these gigs anymore due to time constraints).

    From my experience, to be successful financially on Fiverr, you need the following:

    - Offer a service that is high in demand (i.e. generating traffic, for example, never gets old! )
    - Have a high Rating factor on Fiverr gigs (many folk looking for gigs from vendors & separate the best through which ones are the highest rated..
    - Offer multiple gigs in order to make any sort of real income...Either that or offer "add ons" to your one gig which could be charged in increments (i.e. +$20, +$50 for doing extra work).

    Of course you could also extend your service to other gigs...but there is time constraints to consider. To make a full time income from gigs, you need to spend a lot of time fulfilling those gigs to a high quality - and to the specified deadline.


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    You can use Fiverr to make make money buy selling a product or service and then you can collect emails of customers as well as upsells. So dont just see Fiverr making $5.

    And don't forget, there are Fiverr alternatives out there who do not limit you to $5 gigs
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      Originally Posted by webrankingseoservices View Post

      I make $2000 per month on fiverr. PM me if you need any help
      This person her must be very good with time management. If you are, then Fiverr is just as good a place as any to start.

      If the gigs are automated (or at least semi-automated) and you stay disciplined and manage your time well, you can bank.

      Considering $24,000 is not that much lower than the median income in the USA, this is a real-life, bonafide success story!
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        They can be monetized pretty well. I've pulled in a few thousand dollars from Fiverr. My average sale(starting 5 months ago but gig is almost 11 months old) is anywhere from $15 - $25 and i have had a few orders over $100 as well...see i rank videos for others, a very unique gig. My competitors try to come in and copy me but they couldn't deliver like me so OOOps, they sabotage themselves...while i still maintain a 100% Gig Rating, which soon, will be Sabotage by some hater, it's the name of the game!

        Anyways, although the earning capabilities or potential is ABSOLUTELY there, i
        personally am getting a little sick and tired of their "levels" filters or "algorithm"!

        I seem to lose my level badge every other month from high number of cancellations(99% BUYERS FAULT from not READING EVERYTHING in the GIGS DESCRIPTION!) and i WILL not be able to Provide the "EXTRAS" when i have no level. I lose clients during that time because they don't want to have to order 7 times say for a $35 dollar order....that's insane.(Note: when you lose your level/badge completely[like starting fresh all over], your buyer will not be able to order "multiple times"... You CAN ONLY COLLECT $5 payments)

        SO Fiverr gigs again can be very well monetized....LOL!

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    I've had decent success with Fiverr, but you really need to be prepared to work hard and provide a lot of $5 gigs especially at the start. Until you create a bit of a reputation and some repeat customers, and gain at least level 2, it will be hard to make huge profits.

    Once you get there though (it can take a few months but it's highly dependent on what you have to offer and what the demand is) you can greatly enhance your income with gig extras. 80-90% of orders will still be basic $5 orders (at least that's how it was for me), but those 10-20% of extras that range from $10 to $40 can really make a difference to your monthly income. I don't know if anyone can make a full time income on Fiverr though, there are certainly a small group of people that do, but at least a decent extra income can definitely be generated there!
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