Paid for targeted traffic to a niche website

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Paid for targeted traffic to a niche website, good or bad idea? I'd like to hear people's thoughts on this.
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    Paid for targeted traffic to a niche website, good or bad idea? I'd like to hear people's thoughts on this.
    Really depends on what you mean by "Targeted" traffic. There are many services out there that sells targeted traffic which are not in reality. Advertising on Google Adwords is very Targeted if you use the right keywords eg "Buy Kitchenaid Mixer".

    Adwords is great if you know what you doing ie fine tuning your campaign,split testing and do conversion tracking
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    Paid traffic is something which has no guarantee.

    Though there are many places where you can buy targeted traffic, in the end there is no guarantee that the traffic will convert.

    Most of the people who sell targeted traffic either have access to sites on the ame niche where they put the banners or they have a targeted list related to that niche to which they send mails.

    You can try and get a few clicks for $10 to get an idea from where the traffic ic coming for and then decide if you would like to continue with the paid ads or not.
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    Adwords is still best PPC if you want to get targeted traffic with the paid method. You can consider cheaper traffic from Facebook by using CPM (cost per thousand of impression) method instead of CPC (cost per click) method.
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    Originally Posted by webnerd View Post

    Paid for targeted traffic to a niche website, good or bad idea? I'd like to hear people's thoughts on this.
    Its a good idea if you understand that to be profitable with paid traffic you have to track the results and tweak your landing page / banner / keywords / sales funnel as needed

    Its not as simple as just buying and converting straight away
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    Targeted traffic does not guarantee that the people are interested in what you offer. For example, you are selling a weight loss calorie tracking software. Your then buy traffic targeted to weight loss. They are interested in weight loss, but this does not mean they are interested in using a calorie tracking software. So there is not much value to pay for such traffic, or to pay for banner impressions on such website.

    More, if you put ads where you pay per click, on google adwords or any other PPC provider, they will deliver your ad to people interested in the topic, or who ever viewed relevant pages. This is not a good targeting. However, they read your ad, and then they click your link. Now they are really targeted to what you offer. They searched for calorie counter software and you provided them. Or they visited a page and were interested enough in a calorie counter software that they have clicked an ad. With this type of traffic you can get a decent conversion rate ( over 1%, depending on what you sell or the price ). If you just get traffic targeted but without interest, you will face very low conversions.

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    hmmm... Targeted traffic? Well, it could be pop-unders for all I know... In that case it doesn't matter if it's targeted. It's mostly trash. It could also be targeted click traffic from Bing ads or Adwords in which case it's golden.

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  • It depends on what you are promoting and what is the profitability. Targeted traffic is always good as long as we have conversions and make money
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    It's like anything, if done right is can be very worthwhile.

    If you're looking for the fabled magic bullet, it isn't here.

    If you do this badly you can lose a lot of money, and get no results, but if you are willing to put in the time, effort and money in to understand how each traffic source works, it can be fantastic.

    Free traffic sources you still pay for with your time. Therefore all traffic sources need to have time spent on then, to be understood, and then they can be very profitable.
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      I would not pay for traffic unless I had a way...or at least an idea of a way to make my money back.

      Based on where you say you're wanting to point traffic...a niche need a way to monetize it. Are you capturing emails to build a list? Are you selling products on your site? How are you going to monetize it?

      Your site is your NEEDS to make NEED sales funnels in place.

      If you do not have a method of monetization in place, I would never pay for traffic.
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    It's simple, if your paid traffic costs Less/equal to your sales then you do it, if not, don't bother.
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    If you want to use paid traffic method, I suggest you to build your own list for any niche so you don't waste your money more.
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    Facebook ads is quite costly but it worth the money. If you plan to have targeted traffic to your niche site, you should consider using their service. People spending hours of time in Facebook, they also have many information that makes your ads is targeted to the right person.
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    Yes, it is a good idea if you've already set up some money for promotion purpose. A good paid traffic will really consider the product that your promote. So, if you really want to choose a good paid traffic, you don't want to spend it on shady paid traffic site. You should spend your money on solo ads that have good reputation and match with your niche.
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