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Or is it me that has issues using wordpress :confused: I have been using wordpress for a few months now, and cant seem to get it working right !!!.....I had it going pretty smoothly for a few weeks, and now for some unforeseen reason every time I try adding new content to my site, it does not take effect till the next day, such as post/pages/widgets/etc. I did the research and found it might have been a plug in I was using, after deleting it this corrected the issue for a few minutes, and the site started it again. I changed out the theme, but this only resulted in the theme not loading till the next day??? I also had Purely hosting carry the site back to the original settings, and this lasted only a few days.

As said before I have read where it might be the plug in's, but the poster said that it could be the cache too. I have cleaned out all the cache in the computer clean up utilities section of my computer, and still the site does not change anything till the next day.

Any advice on what to do? I have gone as far as looking at other platforms to change to, but worry they are the same as wordpress........Thanks, Ken
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    Do not change, wordpress is a great platform.
    I use wordpress for a long time but did not see cases like you. It might be because hosting that you are using?
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    If you have isolated the plugin it was go to your cPanel >> File Folder >> WP Content >> Rename That plugin ie: Plugin-old. This will stop you website even seeing it. I have had to do the same today with a few websites where the wp update effected some themes and plugins.
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    What do you mean it doesn't take effect for a day? You mean when you add a post to your site the front-end (what visitors see) doesn't actually show the post until a day later?
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    Never had an issue like that with wordpress.

    HOWEVER, when I do get issues, I just go on fiver and spend $5.

    So far I've never had a problem so severe that someone else couldn't fix it. =]

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    Wordpress is a brilliant platform to use - I would suggest finding a basic WP course and simply work toward mastering and understanding it a bit more.

    There are some standard plugins that you should have to ensure that your site is firing on all cylinders and nicely optimized - I'd suggest no more than 10.

    A quick Google or WF search should point you in the right direction.
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    Try changing the timezone in your general settings to something else. Also, change the post time and date to the day before and see if that helps. Maybe your server your install is on is a behind time?
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    Hey Ken

    I'm new here so just having a look around before setting up my profile, I came across your post.

    Everyone is right, Wordpress is a great platform and you don't need to change, from my understanding you have a basic understanding and have acted on that which is awesome.

    The challenge is that Wordpress is a very complex system and as you are experiencing it can show glitches when not used correctly.

    That does not mean it is your fault but as you are already beginning to understand the quality of a plugin is dependant on the quality of the developer.

    The same applies to themes, not seeing your website I can't advise but I will assume that you have purchased a theme that you are using and this with the plugins IS the reason for your trouble. Somewhere in the HTML or PHP code something isn't well.

    This might not be obvious at first and Wordpress does not display actual we pages. Rather it gathers all the content within a Database and then Wordpress, the theme and the plugins call that information into the URL that you see.

    If there is a problem it can stack up on the database and not be obvious for a while until one day

    My advice would be to visit and test your domain. Ensure that you have a backup of your website, use a plugin called backwpup (it's free) or backpack buddy if you want to pay and then consider your options.

    I hope this helps and if you want to share your address ill have a quick look

    Your website is the window to your business . Don't fill it with cheap crap !

    What I don't know about Wordpress either isn't worth knowing or hasn't been invented ;)

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    try browserstack...
    u will see your customers desktop...
    if you still got same issue, try to optimize your database..
    if only in your computer, cleaer your browser cookies.. restart computer.. add google dns in your network connection..
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