Anyone Have A Good Free Mailing-List Opt-In Script?

by Tony_D 3 replies
I've got my auto responder messages set up, but I need a mailing list opt-in script that does two things:

1) Automatically adds a persons email address to my mailing list

2) Allows me to make custom mailing lists for select customers

I want to be able to target my mailings to specific customers, hence the need for the customization.

Does anyone have a script like this?
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  • Profile picture of the author Josh Anderson is a great service
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    I would strongly suggest that you don't use a free script. I did. I was a cheapskate, and I wanted the list on my own server. NOT a good idea. I lost lots of subscribers every time there was a problem with the script.

    If you still have doubts, read my story here: (sorry, lost the wordpress theme a while ago, and haven't had the time to put it up again).
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      Thanks guys.

      Britt, your blog posts were very informative. I didn't know how opt-in lists worked, but now I see why a script is a bad way to go. I'll definately be checking into other 3rd-party services that take care of this type of thing. Aweber looks very nice...

      Josh, aWeber looks amazing. This is more functionality that i'd even dreamed of. Thanks for pointing me to this valuable resource.
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