How Do I Make Video Like This?

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I use a win7 PC, no fancy software and I dont think Win Movie Maker will cater to something like this.

Who knows what I would use or how I would go about it?
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    It would be really hard to do this with movie maker I do this kind of videos with adobe after effects, best animation software
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    The 3-D title at the end makes me think it's most likely After Effects. That said, the bulk of the video is only text graphics cut to music. Any competent video editor using Avid or even semi-pro software like Serif MoviePlus should be able to create something like this for you. I agree, it would be difficult to make something like this using Windows Movie Maker, though.
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    That's a very cool video. After effects is the go, if you are new to after effects, start with a template, then you can make something that looks epic very quickly. To make your own video from scratch with AE will take a lot of time and skill. Plenty of great AE templates out there.
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      If it is not essential that you learn to do it yourself just get someone on fiverr to do it for you - much easier and cheaper than buying/learning after effects.
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