Great WP Plugin to Help Ghostwriters and Site Flippers

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Hi Warriors!

How many of you have NOT heard of WP Auctions?

I started using this plugin awhile back but forgot about it when I had no more sites to flip. Someone reminded me of it recently and it's perfect for site flippers and ghostwriters.

The first go round I had with it was the free version. Then recently I upgraded to the $35 paid version. What I had personally been doing with it initially was flipping some Bring the Fresh sites I made, and individual articles I wrote (1 pagers).

Recently, I started releasing what I call 1 Owner Content Packs to my list - for just $10 per page. This is stuff I do here and there randomly. Like if I'm working on a project or writing something for someone, I might take a break for a half hour and add to this kind of content.

When it's done, I was announcing it to my list - and it usually sold within seconds (literally) - except one time when it took 5 minutes. LOL!

People on my list got tired of not winning because it was based on a first come, first served system - and even if I staggered release times, they'd be disappointed.

With the WP Auctions plugin, I can run it for a set 24 hour period and that way everyone globally gets a chance. The first 1 Owner content pack I listed, I started at $10 per page again. It sold in the end for $24 per page.

"But what if I don't have a list?" Start building one. But even if not, you could always list it in the auction and then use Twitter, Google Plus and FB to announce the action.

There are sites like Ghostbloggers that people are always asking me about - but that takes a fee, as do the other sites like Elance, etc. I'm an advocate for those, but I'd much rather no extra fee (on top of PayPal) come out of my payment, and the plugin doesn't take a cut.

Just something for you to think about - I would also consider putting it on a PLR site if you have one. You could list it as unique content, since many PLR buyers also ask if you have anything that hasn't been sold to others.

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