U.S. Virtual Assistant needed!

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I was hoping someone could recommend a U.S. based VA who is experienced in calling mlm leads.

I'd love to have your feedback!


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    What are you looking to do and what would your rates be? I suggest you publish this information on another string to get some more responses. Also: Try requesting this on Craigslist. You may get alot more resaponses if you poist it in the right category.
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    I agree. Craigslist is the way to go. I'd use CraigZoom.com so that you can search ALL of Craiglist for a virtual assistant, rather than search city by city.
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      Most VA's aren't going to want to call MLM leads (unless they are really desperate for work). You could find a good telemarketer. I have a few, but it just really depends on what you are looking for. Or go the craigslist, guru, elance route. Either way, I am sure you will find someone.

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    I think even if you find someone they will not sell well.

    MLM leads need to talk to someone who is in the upline already not a salesperson who works for them. They will ask your salesperson why THEY haven't bought in.

    Maybe you have planned for this but MLM only sells when the seller is a testimonial.
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