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Hello all,

I am preparing to build a small blog network for my local SEO customers here in Florida. Obviously, these businesses are in different genres. However, I want one common theme for all of these future sites.

My question is how should I approach the domain buying as far as theme? Should I search for themed domains with business in the title or perhaps Florida as all my customers are here?

I am really struggling with this, so serious answers and no lectures would be greatly appreciated....

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    You don't have to buy domains just yet. Just use Web 2.0 blogs as an outer ring. Once you get some decent traction, build an inner ring using your own domains.

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    Getting themed domain is really hard :-( Since you are making them generic, any generic domains can be used.

    >> However, I want one common theme for all of these future sites.

    I don't think this will be a smart idea. It will be too easy to track if you make them all similar.
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