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Hi Warriors,

After finally getting the MP3 to my website, I now need to combine some pictures with my 43 minute audio.

I have Audacity but I am searching for a good software that will make combining the audios with pictures.

Thank you in advance,

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    Camtasia will do fine... or Powerpoint...

    Try those and see what works best for you.

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      When I copy my audio book with Camtasia the sound is terrible when playing.

      Thanks though,

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    have you tried windows movie maker?

    I was going to also recommend camtasia, because you can use it for other things related to internet marketing, screencasts, etc.. An audiobook doesn't require too much quality, its surprising to hear you say that the audiobook sounded like crap when you tried camtasia, did you adjust sound levels or anything?

    sony vegas pro and adobe premier, pricey and bigger learning curve, professional video editing software.
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    Try a program called Muvee!
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