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Kind of new with Wordpress and still learning the structure. One thing that I'm trying to figure out is if there are actually keywords that are being properly put in the post files so that search engines can pick them up. When I look at a post of mine I don't see the meta keywords when I do a "View Source" to view the code.

If I do a "View Source" on one of my Ezine Articles, you can see the Meta Tags and all of the proper info that you put in when you wrote the article...all in the proper format like:



<title>Your Title</title>

<meta name="description" content="Your Description. ">

<meta name="keywords" content="Your Keywords">

I don't see this with a Wordpress post even though I filled out the section for Keywords in the All In One SEO Pack. It's like this info doesn't get the post HTML code.

How do you get specific keywords in the source code for every individual post? If you can't do this, isn't it a big disadvantage not to have specific keywords for each individual post being available to search engines like the keywords are for EzineArticles?

Thanks for any input or suggestions. I'm probably just missing something easy here, but I haven't found it yet.

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    WordPress does not contain meta tags by default. Plugins like All-In-One SEO Pack can be used to add them, although as you mention above they seem to be a little hit and miss.

    Honestly, if a search engine can't pick up your keywords out of your content, then chances are having them in your meta tags isn't going to help much. That said, you can create static metas in the header.php file of WP pretty must just as you would in an HTML file -- right below the title tag. It's not as comprehensive as having dynamic kw but it's guaranteed to function.

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