Uploading many ebooks on amazon is a profitable way?

by wass11
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On ebay, it has a couple of sellers selling over 20,000 bulks of ebooks with resell rights.

Is it profitable to upload these ebooks singly on amazon (kindle direct publishing:KDP) by purchasing them?
(though the amount of income from a single ebook are very small)

And beside this one, would you have any thoughts for other decent ways by using amazon and ebay at the same time?
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    I would guess that it would not be very profitable selling books in bulk like that. They are probably low quality and each one probably gets very few, if any, sales.

    For selling on kindle I would recommend either writing your own material or outsourcing something, and then selling it. In my opinion it's better to go with quality over quantity.
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    That's the fast track way to get banned by Amazon KDP. They don't put up with PLR crap anymore.

    Just think about it. If you had a publishing platform, would you want it all clogged up with pure crap?

    Rob Whisonant
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    I second what Rob said. Amazon is getting better and better at finding PLR content and they WILL ban your account.

    There are no get rich quick methods that I would try with Kindle. Not unless I wanted to risk losing my account.

    Either write your own content, or fork over the money to hire a ghostwriter to do it for you.

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    From the fingertips of the Super Moderator Paul Myers:

    Now, for the most commonly misunderstood concept: Self-promotional posts.

    The prohibition on spam is not an arbitrary one. If ads are allowed unchecked, they'll choke out useful communication. We've all seen what that can do to email, and it can happen even more quickly with a forum.

    People do pretty well with reporting the obvious spam. Drive-by ads, articles posted just to get attention to a link and the like go away quickly. No need to explain that.

    For the edge cases, a quote from a post I made in another thread:

    This is something most folks here never quite get their heads around. People create products on the subjects they know the most about. That also happens to be the area in which they can offer the most help to others. No coincidence there, and no conspiracy. Just plain logic.

    One of the guidelines I always used when I was moderating was a question: Is the information in this post useful on its own, without needing to buy a product? If so, it's a valid post. If not, it's not.

    The decision was based solely on the content of the post. I deliberately ignored sig files for purposes of answering that question, unless the poster made a reference that seemed to point to theirs. That provided a balance of interests that worked. People got to promote their knowledge and their products, in ways that were helpful whether someone purchased anything from them or not.


    People pay waaay too much attention to the correlation of sig files and post content these days, and way too little to the value of the content itself.

    Self-promotion, if that's your motivation for posting, should be driven by adding value, not blatantly (or sneakily) shoving ads in people's faces.

    Put another way: If the post would be useful without the sig file, the poster has earned the sig file.
    Live an learn, right?


    P.S. Next time, just post relevant and useful information on the topic being discussed, instead of dragging out an old thread on Kindle simply to point people to your sig file. Earn the right to leave your sig file.
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