How Many MiniSites Does It Take To...

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Make $5,000 per month on autopilot?

*****That's a trick question!*****

I already know my answer. Everyone's is different. Some Warriors do a WHOLE lot better; some need maybe 5 or 10 or anything in between or more.

It all depends on a lot of factors.

I know one IM who knows how to have you up and running with COMPLETE sites the same day. Even if you're a total beginner!

If you only had a few sites bringing in a mere $1,000 - $1,500 per month, wouldn't that make a difference in your lifestyle? Better car? More meals out? More clothes? Savings for emergencies? A vacation where money didn't factor into where where you got to go or do?

My friend Cam Forbes did an incredible interview on exactly what he does everyday and the tools he uses to do this.

That thread is here for you to listen to.
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    Thanks for sharing! I'm listening to it right now.

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    • Thanks for sharing that, well worth listening.

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      Read the thread.
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        You hit the nail on the head! Glad to see someone else who "gets it"... of course a lot of people do, but there are also a lot of naysayers out there.

        The interview was a blast, Louie. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

        Good stuff.

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          I would guess it would depend on the niche you pick. I've never done this approach before, but I figure Adsense is how your sites make money. Maybe CPA, which would probably give lower paying niches higher payouts.

          How Many MiniSites Does It Take To Screw in a Light Bulb?
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            Hi Ephrils,

            I used to face that nagging question. Alot. I used to get a lot of varying answers...and there still are. BUT, I no longer have to "wonder" what the answer is. Building a VRE with sites that make money is finally at my grasp.

            Cam Forbes hipped me to how it really works.

            You should at least look him up and check out what he has to offer. I've done just that for all my subscribers and know that there will be some lives changed because of his program.

            Just my 2c worth.
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              If you found something that works... why not dig deeper into instead of letting it bring in small time money?

              I just got an email yesterday from a $1mil+/year affiliate marketer that was telling me about not understanding why people settle for having a bunch of sites bringing in small money, when you can dig deeper and get 10 sites bringing in $100k/piece.
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            Hey Cam,

            Just listening now. Great interview mate. Thanks for being so frank and open!

            Best regards
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              Great. May I propose that you have a transcript as well?

              Nothing to see here

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                To Matthew, thanks for the post. Since you broached "digging deeper" why don't you do so and find out how this "million dollar affiliate" does it and then share your new found knowledge with all your fellow Warriors? The reason is because although it's very possible, it's highly improbable for a newbie to achieve such success.

                It takes ALOT of time, work and energy. Add luck and cooperation of people you have NO control over - your customer. Allwarriors receive email propositions like that all the time.

                To Chiyaee, yup. That's what's coming after the series is concluded. The entire series will be offered with MP3's and transcripts from all interviews. The material is incredible and totally helpful to anyone learning or honing marketing skills.

                Thanks for your post!
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              Originally Posted by JeremyL View Post

              Hey Cam,

              Just listening now. Great interview mate. Thanks for being so frank and open!

              Best regards
              No worries, it was a blast and Louie is a great interviewer!

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    reposting here since I was PM'ed about it recently...

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    Between 1 and and 6 million.
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    That's a great audio. Thanks for sharing. If i had 10 sites bringing me in $1,500 a month, i'd probably save to lease a Lambo lol...
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