Quality Form-building Software For Offline?

by Jeff W
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Hey Folks,

Anybody know of a piece of software that is good for designing 'offline' forms - checklists, To-Do Lists, Inventory-related, and so on.

I know that sites like Woofoo are great for 'online' forms, but I'm looking for software where I can simply create the forms online or on my computer and print them off, put them in a binder or planner and use them in running my biz.

Ideally I'm thinking of software that will:
a) Come with lots of pre-made templates that are totally customizable
b) No templates okay too but there is a lot of customization allowed.

I know that you can create forms in MS Office (Word, Excel) but I was hoping to find software that is 'exclusively' only for designing printed offline forms - so it would also have lots of easy-customization built in and the ability to add things easily - radio buttons, check boxes, dividers for sections, etc.

Thanks guys!
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