How To Add a Clickable Image In Your Youtube Videos

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1. Log into your youtube account and then go into your video manager. Then go into your channel settings. You will see that enable external annotations does not have a green dot beside it because it is disabled for you until you do this one little trick.

2. You have to verify your account. Youtube will send a pin to your cell phone that you have to confirm or there is also an option in there for them to call you at a particular number.

3. Once you are done verifying your account you will see that external annotations is still not in green. So the trick is to click on 'enable monetisation' check the first one overlay in-video ads doesn't really matter which one you choose though. After you do that you will notice that "external annotations" will be enabled now on your account.

4. Then go to advanced which is on the left navigation bar then out in your website. Yes, you have to use your own website for this because youtube will make your confirm your site by putting in their code. It's easy you just upload the little file they give you through your website's FTP. You can always get someone to do this for you.

5. Once you are done verifying your site You can then go into your videos in the video manager section and turn off monetisation for any video that you do not want it on. After that select the video that you want to add your clickable image on and click "EDIT".

6. Then click on annotations. Select when you want your annotation to pop up at which point of the video. NOTE *you need to include the IMAGE in the video before you upload it to youtube*.

7. At the top of the page it will say enable your account for external annotations make sure you click on that you only have to do this one time. Then click add annotatons and select the spotlight option then drag the spotlight box around your clickable image so you have to go to the part of the video that shows your clickable image so you can put your annotation at that point.

8. You will see where it says link make sure you click check mark next to that and then add your website. If you want to link straight to an affiliate site with your clickable image then you need to use a redirect like pretty link plugin or any other redirect as long as your website is part of that redirect link youtube will accept it.

**note: for some reason chrome sometimes doesn't let you save your link in the annotation if so use firefox or internet explorer.

That's all there is to it then when someone plays your video and gets to the call to action part you have a banner or image that says "Click here to learn more" or something like that it will be clickable and can take them to your website or an affiliate site this method is really powerful guys especially because youtube's current design has pushed the description box lower so sometimes viewers will not see your link so this method works wonders to pull subscribers off youtube and get them to your site or affiliate site.

Try it out!
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