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So I have been getting a rash of comments from to the tune of upwards of 50 per day, and probably closer to 100. I finally went into the data base and deleted them all as I could not keep up with them, and by the time I realized it, I had close to 1,000 of them.

I installed Disable Comments yesterday, and I just went in there and had four pages (x20 per page) of comments to delete. What the hell am I gonna do, this is happening on two of my sites?

Anyone else ever had this problem? Seems kind of weird to me.
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    You can always block the IP that the comments comes from. Anyhow, it'll not be so so effective if they use a VPN to change the IP. I don't know what kind of software you use but you can always try to look for more plugins to disable spam bots. It'll be easier to find a solution for you if you can provide what software you use.
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    Originally Posted by Alex Mensah View Post

    Might have an option to blog that particular user.
    Only if the bot is using a single ip. It'll be another story if he changes IP.
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    For years I was using Bad Behavior plugin that stops crap spam even BEFORE reaching your site. Give it a try:

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    Check the below URL I think it might help you in order to stop it.
    Monitor Scout - Website & Server Monitoring
    50 different checks, SNMP monitoring and much more.
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    Another solution is to use a captcha before the user can submit a comment.

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    Hi! If you use Wordpress you can try to install Captcha (by BWS) plugin. This plugin significantly reduced amount of spam comments to my blog. You will still receive some spam comments occasionally, but a lot less.
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    Some of my sites have support desks, other have email forms. If I use an email form I only allow the subjects from my email form to submit to my inbox. Everything else goes into trash automatically. Then every couple of weeks I just empty the trash.

    I might be getting spammed, but I would never even know.
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    If you are using wordpress, you might have akismet installed. If so, you can blacklist those emails. They will not be able to post any comment again. Also, you can blacklist the IP too.
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    Blog spam is not only annoying, it can be very expensive. I had
    Google close a VERY profitable AdSense account because spammer
    were posting links to porn sites faster than I could keep up with

    Google gave me a couple of days to clear up the problem, and when
    I didn't fast enough, they closed my AdSense account.

    In hindsight, it probably would have made sense just to hire
    a full-time person to put in the time needed to clean up and
    lockdown that site (without deleting the content that made the
    site so profitable in the first place), but as they say "hindsight
    is 20/20.

    My point is that blog spam can be a lot more expensive than you
    might anticipate


    Here's A Ready-Made High Ticket Product To Make Your Own.
    Click To Go BIG!

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    Boy, you can say that again Willy. I appreciate you chiming in on my thread. I spent hours trying to delete the copmments and then just went into the data base and deleted it all in one fowl swoop. If I had of had any comments I wanted to keep, i couldn't have done that. But then how would I have known I had any as they would have been buried in all that crap spam.

    Tim Pears

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