Wow. Seeing First-Hand How Awful EZA Articles Can Be....

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All I can say is "Wow". While looking for decent-quality content for a soccer blog of mine, I figured I'd start with PLR and EZA. Since the content I'm looking for is secondary (filler) in nature, I figured they would be good places to start.

OMG. Awful. Just. Awful.

Looking at the quality of this stuff with my webmaster hat on (not IMer), it becomes painfully obvious how bad this stuff can really be.

What webmaster uses these articles on a site he actually cares about?

For anyone doing article marketing:

Folks, please know what you are writing about and make sure you have something intelligent to say before writing an "article". At a BARE MINIMUM, have an expert in the field at least review your writing before publishing it.
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    Originally Posted by wolfmmiii View Post

    What webmaster uses these articles on a site he actually cares about?
    I think they just "don't". The bad ones (of which there are many, as you say!) have mostly been submitted by people who imagine that the backlink is worth something, and they don't care about article quality at all.

    As EZA gradually improves the acceptance criteria, the average standard improves a little, but they still have a database full of nonsense which would never be accepted these days.

    For what it's worth, if you can be bothered to "report" the dreadful nonsense and mention that it's dreadful nonsense (which I can't be bothered to do, myself, I admit ), they do actually delete it.

    (Most publishers looking there for content to re-publish know what they're looking for and don't even bother to read the shorter articles anyway, I think.)
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      I still look at EZA for content, but as you say, the pickings can be pretty thin. These days, I'm mostly scouting for talent. When I find someone who actually knows what they're talking about and cares enough to put up usable articles, I make note of it and watch for new stuff to appear by that writer. I don't use everything they put up, but when I need something, I start by checking the authors on my short list. For most niches, it's a very short list.

      If they're smart enough to have their own syndication list, I try to get on it. Thus avoiding the EZA slushpile.

      It's said that in Muskie fishing, the angler makes ten thousand casts before getting the strike. Sometimes it feels the same way "fishing" for content in the EZA pond.
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