Who Is Having This Same Problem With Facebook Ads?

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Hello warriors,

I have been running ads frequently on facebook, until over the weekend i decided to scale it 10x more than i use to since i was launching products in two different niches. That was when i noticed something absurd. Facebook wasn't running my ad budget for the day. Lets say i placed a particular ad to run for that day with the budget set at $250. Facebook would it for just $5. Infact the highest have gotten in any given day over the past 4 days is $20. Which means waaaaaay less clicks.

Has anyone else faced this same problem? and what did you do to resolve it?

Thanks in advance.
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    Hm that's a new one to me. I've had them run my ads and charge me after I've disabled a campaign, but never NOT charged me what I've asked them to...

    Sounds like some setting got set goofy...look everything over and see if some weird check box is clicked that limits the daily spend.
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    What is your "audience" for each ad?

    Is your targeting so narrow that there aren't enough people to show the ads to?

    Thats what I'd look at first.

    however, if it's stopping at exactly $5 then it looks like something screwy
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    If your ads have a low CTR they will be displayed less often. However, since they always stop at $5 it does seem like a bug. Try contacting Facebook directly.

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