Anyone Notice Google's Keyword Tool Being Way Off?

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I mean way off. I know to take keyword tools with a grain of salt but I never figured google's would be this far off

The way I figured out was I have a site at number 1 for the keyword and it is supposed to be getting 6600 searches/month. It is a one keyword phrase

So I was thinking I would be getting some sales. WRONG!

My site only gets about 5 visitors a day. I noticed this with a few of my other high ranking sites(all of which were built using Google's data) So I decide to run an adwords campaign to see the impressions(I know..I will be doing this from now on) and then I run over to Wordtracker

Guess what? The Word Tracker tool was WAY more accurate to the number of impressions my adwords ad got than Google's keyword tool

I am beginning to think Google is inflating these searches so that people will bid on these terms. Pretty clever...but it looks like I am actually going to have to pay them for research via adwords. They are starting to piss me off...maybe I should go have a beer and cool off
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    Originally Posted by healymedia View Post

    If you're using "broad" results in the KW tool then from what I understsand that also includes related terms as well as the exact term. I've noticed that some terms when you switch from broad to exact go down dramatically.

    There is also the possibility that for whatever reason the people searching are choosing to click results lower down than yours.

    The tool definitely isn't accurate, but I don't think it's that inaccurate. (i.e. 6600 - 5)
    My keyword in question was a one word keyword so if you put it in quotes, it still has the same number

    This was the case with quite a few of my keywords that I ranked well for, not just that one I mentioned

    The most reliable way to check keywords searches is to do an adwords ad and check the impressions...and my impressions for this keyword that supposedly got 6600 searches per month was 15 in one day(so 450 a month(

    That is a big difference
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    Originally Posted by Traffic-Bug View Post

    Yeah, thats why paid tools are always better than free tools. You get what you pay for. If you dont pay, you dont get anything of value. Money begets equivalent value, thats how the economy works these days.
    Where do you think these paid tools get their data? Most of them get their data either from the google keyword tool or word tracker
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    Yeah, they are all pretty off. What I do is compare google's keyword tool to this tool:

    Seo Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

    When the two somewhat align, I know I may be looking at a good keyword.
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    SEObook is one of the most reliable sources to learn more about SEO. I really recommend them.
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