How the Warrior Forum Changed My Life

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I knew the Future Was Bright Just Had No Idea What it Would Be
Seems like just yesterday doing research on internet marketing and joining the warrior forum. Now today I am in such a substantially different place then I was almost 4 years ago when I joined here.

Today I have solid 6 figure months running multiple web ventures and will be launching my first affiliate product this week and I have the Warriror Forum to thank and the story to boot below:


I was in college and knew that at the time I wanted to work in financial services. My dream was to end up at an investment bank such as Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, or Goldman Sachs. Shortly before my graduation from college Lehman Brothers collapsed and filed for bankruptcy and my hopes and dreams of working in finance was quickly being dashed. I spoke with my mentor and he told me to take the intern angle and speak with everybody and anybody that you can. Reach out to alumni, friends, family, strangers it doesnt matter let them know you are hungry and you will work for free (this is a critical part of where I am today).

So I started my outreach and made a list of every local and national investment bank, wealth management firm, and financial services related company in the country. I reached out to everybody that I could with little to no success until I remembered a friend of mine 2 years prior mentioned his uncle had an office locally and might be able to help.

So I went in and found that financial services was not in my future but I had an opportunity to work on a website the hedge fund manager was venturing and I could learn something called SEO and SEM. I jumped at the opportunity because I felt that I had an opportunity to pay my dues and eventually step into the trading.

From there I learned the ground workings of SEO. I was taught what a backlink was, how to design a webpage with proper header tags, directory listings, and the method used to promote the site to number 1 in the search results which was to go to (it's no longer on a sub-domain) and do an outreach to every blogger in our niche and contact them for a guest blog post.

While I worked for free for 5 months and practically starved to death I learned a lot of valuable things. 3 thoughts that I had at the time are below:

  1. I never want to be poor and hungry ever again
  2. Being Poor sucks and you can either vent about it or do something about it
  3. You want to work as hard as you can and take chances when your poor so you can transition quickly and stop living off of rice, pasta, and leftover food from your co-workers
So moving forward I found a friend who was interested in starting a sports website and was willing to put up the money to create the website. At the time I still did not know a ton about SEO and web programming so I hired the individual who was teaching me SEO to make me the sports website. The cost $10,000.00.

Being wet behind the ears we paid for sports scores, schedules, and news feeds from the sports network at a price tag of $1,300 a month and no traffic or revenue to boot.

So at this point I am now making $450 a week and have to commit 650 of that to the website just to afford the feeds. So without being able to afford guest blog posts, directory submissions, and any other paid links I had to get crafty and learn the ropes of building a business with no capital.

Now I am searching online to further educate myself and stumble upon this internet marketing forum called the Warrior Forum. Here is where I learned about Paul and Angelas backlinks, creating compelling content, and learning the tricks of the trade such as creating web 2.0 properties, the benefits of wordpress, article directories, and ways to promote my sports website without having a lot of money to purchase links.

As the website was slowly growing we decided that non-revenue generators such as schedules and scores feeds had to be cut out. Finding free replacements is very easy if you just look around. Also my job at the startup was not working out and my dreams of working in finance were no longer. Having the ability to work on my own schedule was the new desire not sitting in front of a bunch of screens tracking the stock market round the clock.

Fast forward to football season and obtaining front page rankings for a lot of the desired keywords we were targeting thanks to what I had learned from the forum and help from a few members. With more traffic strarted to come more leads and more leads gave us a sense of really having something. Having the website up for almost a year and finally getting the momentum flowing was great. We got an office and started selling and by December we started ringing in 5 figure in sales.

From the success that I have had in promoting this website catches the attention of others. From here I have been referred numerous clients in similar niches and even had one friend ask that we start an SEO agency. With an initial bit of hesitation to the time I posted that ad on craigslist to the time that we started a reputation management company that shortly there after had clients ranging in pay from $500 a month to $30,000 a month. Yes 30k a month from just one client and it all comes back to stumbling upon this forum and sharpening up my skills.

The wealth of information, feedback, and assistance from fellow Warriors is absolutely astounding. This forum goes above and beyond helping it's new members then the other forums that I am active on.

I am grateful for the day I stumbled upon the forum here and am always glad to give honest feedback and advice to other members. Now today I am still active with the rep. man, sports sites, and expanding my businesses online because as you succeed with one business it becomes easier to create the next venture using what you have learned from the previous one and leveraging resources from before.

Thank you Warrior Forum for changing my life.

How has the Warrior Forum changed your life?
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    I knew about internet marketing from this forum, so I'm forever indebted to the Warrior forum because I wouldn't have found my life's goal (internet marketing) if I hadn't come here.

    I met a number of great people in here who helped me with my business. Thanks for making me realize that I could be an entrepreneur too.
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    I've had some horrible experiences with forums. Rude people, know-it-alls, and tons of people who just don't care. I recently joined this community a few days ago in order to ask a question that had been on my mind: I ended up sitting for hours late into the night speaking with knowledgeable, respectful people getting ideas I would have never dreamed of. I'm truly blown away by the support I've received here and if the day ever comes where I can make a living doing this kind of work, this is a community I will certainly continue to give back to. Your story is inspirational; I'm glad your hard work has paid off for you.

    Jonathan Howard
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    I just want to say one thing, Warrior forum rocks!

    maybe something more, I found warrior forum as a school where Highly trained and professional Internet marketers share their opinions and thoughts as well as teachings with other fellow warriors. They instead charge very high fess to coach somewhere else. as the name says, this forum is an army of those people who want to do something big, something different and something great aside from their day to day life. You'll find answer to your every question ( maybe not " how to make cheese burgers!"). I'll encourage all those people who think making money online is just a dream but hey Warrior forum makes that dream come true.

    Good luck to everyone!

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    great post lad, no doubt this forum has helped many including me

    ps: you know what i like about your website its number 1 for the search term

    keep it up
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    Forums like this will generally give back what people put into them. There will be those who come to the forum and swear it's full of scams and scam artists. They leave soon after with empty pockets. Not because they were scammed but because they wanted to believe making money online was something that requires no effort at all.

    There will be those who come and realize the forum for the valuable resource it is, get the tools and information they need, and move on up. Much like you have.

    The choice is up to the user.
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    Sounds like you really put in a ton of effort and worked your way up. I think if most people did that they would be successful too; unfortunately too many people give up when it gets hard! Thanks for the motivating story, and congrats on everything!
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    Thanks! For Sharing your success story with WF. I also must say that WF is Vast and Great platform to learn and share knowledge and experiences with each Other And Make it a Big Community.
    Signature Blogging, Technology, and Digital Marketing
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      Thanks for posting. Your new website looks great!
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    Great post. The warrior forum has definitely changed my life, just having that support there for you is amazing.
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      You find an ideal form of education in this forum. It is not like the education you receive from school or college, but here you get to learn the practical things from people who have been there and done it.

      I hope you will do something in return by helping other warriors
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        Originally Posted by gatorx View Post

        here you get to learn the practical things from people who have been there and done it.
        EXACTLY - it's the experience of the people on Warrior Forum that makes the difference. When you're dealing with people who've already been through what you're going through, it makes all the difference in the world.
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        I hear a lot's of stories about WF before I join and also after. WF did not change my life but surely improve it.
        I learn a lot in this forum and I love to discuss about internet marketing.
        People when don't get results blame others and everywhere is like this. I hear stories that WSO-s are made for newbie to grab them money on easy way offering them poor money making technique but I buy several WSO-a and also publish one and every WSO I buy it make me money. Someone more, someone less.
        If you want to make money on the internet you must take ACTION, if remain only on buying WSO-s, reading books and searching for one push button millionaire program better leave this page, is not for you.
        WF can help you a lot in your future work but all depends on you and your willingness to succeed!!!
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    I joined a number of forums but got something valuable only from this forum.I am really happy to find a forum like this.
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    Thank you everybody for the kind words and feedback. In this world and especially this forum you will get back what you put into it. You become luckier the harder you work and nobody is going to just hand you a business and money with the expectation that you do nothing and it will succeed.

    While some WSO's may have new members believing it's easy to get to the point of making 6 figures please note that it takes hard work, dedication, and help from your peers. you can always learn more and there are lots of great warriors here as showcased by just the feedback on this post.

    Ask and you shall receive!
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    This forum has been very valuable to me as well. If you come across issues/challenges there are many people that can steer you in the right direction quickly. You still need to go through the whole trial and error process but it speeds it up.
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    This forum is awesome and I also owe a ton of credit to it....I have learned almost everything I know here...I don't know where I would be without the warriorforum...Thanks

    I make $5,000+ a month online [CLICK HERE] to see how you can do the same starting today!

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    Thank you, thank you so much for posting your inspiring story!

    The people here have been very helpful and extremely nice and my sincere wish is that I am also giving back to the community.

    Keep it up! Your story is pretty amazing and I will have my own story to join the ranks. :-)
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    Is it possible for you to share the url of your site?
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