How Do You Seed a Social Network ?

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I created a new site called that is designed to be a social network for internet marketers - much like WF but a lot more coded features.

I love the site - it's clean - works properly and is driven by a strong script - but to be honest with you I'm perplexed on how to seed it with members. The most obvious source is here on Warrior Forum - but spam linking it doesn't strike me as the right way to go. I'd appreciate any feedback or ideas you have to generate new members.
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    I would do some keyword research for organic visitors and pay a SEO guy to get me to the first page of google (depending on the competition), for instance your website is about social networking for internet marketers, so you should try to rank your website for a good keyword that is relevant to your website and has a good traffic rate. Go for a good keyword, and if it is successfully ranked you start ranking for more keywords.
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    I would do some keyword research for organic visitors and pay a SEO guy to get me to the first page of google
    Are you serious?

    What you SHOULD do is go directly to your potential clients, like you did by posting here. How does your website work? How does it benefit it's members? How is it different from other websites that are similar?

    Answer those questions, then share the answers with various Marketing Forums. Anyone that thinks the website will benefit them will be sure to at least check it out.

    If you focus on Keywords and "Ranking on Google", you're not going to get very far without spending loads of Time and Money. You won't get targeted members that have an actual interest in your website. And, those people that do find your website through Google are not going to be very interested... Simply because nobody wants to join a Social Network without any members. It's not really Social if there's no one there.


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    Maybe try the Social Media Marketing Forum section of WF with this question?

    To be honest, though? There is nothing on the front page of that site that tells me what the forum is about; what it's purpose is. If I stumbled on it, I'd leave. Why not fill some of that blank space in the sidebar with an intro or explanation or something?
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    That's probably borderline self promo here in a thread. You're not going to get where you want by "seeking" you have to "attract" the members you want. And the way to do that is with bringing value to the table or filling a need that isn't already filled.

    You will need to also form alliances with key internet marketers here and have some sort of product centered around your users experience on your new site that can be promoted or given away for free by those you form these alliances with.
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    Facebook didn't really depend on SEO for its traffic. At least not when it started out.

    It reached students directly by contacting 'influential students' in top universities, which in turn got them lot of sign-ups from the existing networks of those people.

    That is THE way to get a social network up to speed: a set of early adopters who have influence over their personal network.

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    Hi, currently your website is not working? I suggest you promote your website on social media websites.
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