What makes a Web Hosting Company appealing?

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I am curious what makes a web hosting company appealing to YOU? What sells you on a web host? How fancy their site looks? Deals or special offers? Do you go for the cheapest?

What services draw you? For example, the ability to install wordpress at the click of a button? Or perhaps a VPS plan is important to you?

For the record I don't own, nor do I plan on owning a Web Hosting Company ever. I am just doing some research and I needed marketers, which you guys are! Seriously, any and all feedback is highly appreciated.
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    uptime is one great thing, support another (by it i mean quick support)

    Hope that helps =]
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    The #1 thing I look at first is their support. If I can't pick up the phone to call them at any time - I won't even consider dealing with them. Live chat and email support are also great bonuses.

    I would say that uptime is the most important, but that isn't really a selling point for me because I don't know how much uptime I'll get until I've already signed up with you. Whereas if you say you offer 24/7 support and I call you at 2 AM and you don't answer, clearly you don't offer 24/7 support
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    Thank you for your responses, looking for as many as possible.

    Also, what sells you on a webhost when you first see? What do you look for?

    Some answers above are uptime, 24 hour support and ease of use. Looking for more, as I know almost all of us have websites!
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    Just simply put, the stuff that Bluehost do..

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      My main concern when I started was reliability - if your host goes down, or can't handle a large traffic spike, then your web presence dissapears and you've wasted time / money on traffic that can't see your site. My other concerns were ease of use (I'm not a techie and I don't think most people are) and customer support and, of course, pricing!

      I agree with Jay. When I was looking for a webhost a couple of years ago I did a massive amount of research and no-one else came close to Bluehost for services offered, up-time, customer service, ease of use, etc. And there pricing is comparable to their competitors that do not offer so much.

      I hope that helps :-)

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