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Hi Everyone,

I had a nice little WP blog going on. Made sure the content was original, all written by me, my posts were relevant and helpful, there were no links to affiliate pages, no advertising, no robot generated content, etc.

BAM! They deactivated it without warning...

Going over the TOS and Policies, I was sure I didn't violate any of their guidelines, EXCEPT that they have a "catch all" clause that states they can deactivate for cause or no cause.

I read here on the forum where a fellow female warrior from the UK had a program or ebook about the dangers of using WP on their servers and that you should ONLY host your own blog.

Does anyone recall who this warrior is? OR, do any other warriors know how to move a WP blog to their own hosting service?

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    Do you have all your posts saved on your hard drive? If so it reall wouldn't be hard to recreate it on your own server.

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      If your using free wordpress you could have problems
      moving your blog, I recommend blogger instead of free
      word press, my friend had the exact same problem.

      There was absolutely nothing wrong with his blog but
      they just deleted it. Get hosting fast or use blogspot.
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        I had the same problem a few months ago. I actually stopped blogging entirely for a couple of months because of it. What you need to do is contact support and let them know what happened. They will likely give you a possible reason it got taken down. They can re-instate the blog long enough for you to backup you posts to an xml file. Once you do that, never, ever, ever use free hosting for a blog again.

        Install a blog on your own hosting account. As soon as I have enough content together I am going to put a "all about wordpress" site together, and probably not charge anything for it or maybe just low one time fee.
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          OK...you guys (and girls) are AWESOME!

          I do have several websites that I market. I did send tech support an email (they actually give you that option. Whether they cooperate has yet to be seen.) Needless to say, I will move the files to my hosted site. Except, I don't really know how.

          Do I just go purchase fantastico and use that to move them?

          Thank you again and welcome everyone to the new platform. Louie likes it.
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        I strongly recommend:

        *get your own domain name
        *get low cost hosting, (I like BlueHost cause they let you host unlimited domains for like $6.95 per month)
        *install WordPress using Fantastico one click install
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          I second bluehost... or hostmonster... both the same company. Hostmonster has better customer support. I disagree with the fantastico comments. As of right now, I believe fantastico has an out of date version of wordpress. Just download from the wordpress site, and use the gui to create a mysql database. There really isn't that much to it.
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          Sorry to hear about your blog, i read some where i don't know where or how true it is if you goolge your blog name, some if not all your pages may be cached. If so just view the page source and copy and paste to your hard drive.

          Also go for the self hosting wordpress, your the boss

          Hope this helps...
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            Just PM me or contact me on Yahoo... It isn't that big of a deal to do this... I will do it for free.

            unless... you want to donate to the Dennis Grubbs charity.
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              For the past two days I have been trying to create blogs on wordpress.com. As soon as I create the blog and make a simple post I get:
              "This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service."

              I am using it for SEO

              Bill Skywalker Edwards

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                As stated above, never, ever, ever use free hosting for your blog. If you host the blog, you can do whatever you want with it. You host it on wordpress.com and you have to adhere to their rules and regulations... i.e. the TOS. It may not be clear exactly what you did, but the fact remains it is just easier to get over it and host it on your own domain.

                You can more or less duplicate the wordpress hosting... Setup a hosting account with BlueHost (or whomever you prefer that has cPanel). Then setup your blog structure like this:


                Then setup subdomains to match the blog location.

                blog1.domain.com = domain.com/blog1
                blog2.domain.com = domain.com/blog2

                As far as the SEO is concerned. It will be easier in the long run to just do off page SEO to match what you would have received via wordpress.com. Then utilize the tagging system, platinum seo, keyword optimized posts, permalink mover, keyword optimized titles, keyword optimized categories, add pictures with alt text (good for seo)... etc.

                Before you know it, you will forget wordpress.com ever existed.
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          Originally Posted by arwen54 View Post

          I strongly recommend:

          *get your own domain name
          *get low cost hosting, (I like BlueHost cause they let you host unlimited domains for like $6.95 per month)
          *install WordPress using Fantastico one click install
          I did it in this way and I hope I won't have any problems with WP destruction. Any way for me do my backup for my blog? I do not know the backup method yet..

          Moon Loh
          Share my passion, findings, ideas, recommendations, learning curve towards a success Internet Marketing Entrepreneur @ http://MoonLoh.com
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            I don't know about the problem itself, but that sounds like a great name for a WSO...lol.
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              I second the recommendations to get your own hosting, but not to use Fantastico to install WordPress. Too many hosts don't keep the installer scripts up to date, and if you install an old copy of WordPress or any other script, you're open for attack from vulnerabilities the newer version fixed. That means you can have your blog hacked, deleted, information stolen, virus installers added to your posts without you noticing (happened to thousands of blogs recently), etc.

              Just download from WordPress.org and follow the instructions. Installing WP is easy as creating a database in your control panel, uploading the files from the zip, and pointing your browser to the directory you uploaded to. Installation is done with a simple webpage.
              Improvely: Built to track, test and optimize your marketing.

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                Ya thats the chance you take hosting on wordpress. I don't even look at blogs on free blog places. I understand they may be good for the average user but I think they are too limited on what you can do. Plus I think its not that professional if your a marketer.
                Self hosted if better in my opiniom

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  • That's unfortunate that they closed your blog down, I've had that happen before on a Xanga blog I was running that had nearly a post a day for all four years of my high school career, lol.. I was pissed to say the least.

    If you have hosting, goto your cpanel and click on the "fantastico" icon.. you can set up your wordpress blog within that icon, it's pretty easy!

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    I also had a word press blog deleted on the free wp site (my first one). After that, never again. I now buy domains (although you could just use subdomains) and always host on my own server.

    Once bitten .......

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