I need to write articles today and get paid

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What should I do?

I really need the money. Most websites I have checked out require a review process. Some of them take up to a week. I'm ready to write some articles right now.
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    Pay $20 and advertise in the Warriors for Hire section.
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      Before you pay the 20$ for the warriors for hire ad, write a few articles and post them in a personal blog or set up a website. That way when people ask for a sample of your writing you have that to show them. It can all be done in a few hours at most. If you have a few articles already written you could be setup for business within an hour.

      You could do with a few things before you start but at the most basic level, a free wordpress blog to post your sample articles, a word processor to write on and an ad on Warriors for hire could get you easily started right away. Later on you will find other sources of content buyers.

      Writer for hire

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    Or join Odesk. You'll get an order today if you can make a great profile in two hours.
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    I'm assuming you are talking about hiring yourself out as a writer to those who want to outsource that activity so that is what I'm going to base my answer on.

    My advice would be to write a few 500 to 1000 word articles on various topics so you have samples to show various clients. Sign up at Elance and/or Odesk and market yourself so people hire you for their gigs. Also look at the job postings by prospective buyers and apply to them, giving them some samples you've written so they know the quality of your work. Offer your service for cheap so you get some jobs, write extremely high quality articles for your clients, and then you should get great reviews. This will allow you to get more jobs for higher prices so you make more $$$ over time.

    It will likely take a while to build your reputation so be patient and persistent. Success takes time, it's not something you can just go out and get right now.

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      I'm sorry Captain Pike, but if you need the money today, you're starting a little late. You will be extremely fortunate if you can achieve pay today in just starting a writing business, but I wish you well, nonetheless.

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    You might want to start getting a job first so that you will have consistent income and you can start saving up money to start your own part time business. There is nothing wrong with having a job as it is almost a immediate solution to get you some cash flow in. Be patient, keep taking action and you will soon see some results
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    It is quite difficult to make money in a day, though not impossible. Take time and create a platform that will help you make money for a period in the future. Elance and odesk are great sites to try.
    All the best.
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    Originally Posted by CaptainPike View Post

    What should I do?

    I really need the money. Most websites I have checked out require a review process. Some of them take up to a week. I'm ready to write some articles right now.
    1 question: Why do you need cash TODAY?

    Your response will make a difference to my answer.


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    Contact me now for quality content at a reasonable rate
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      Originally Posted by DTGeorge View Post

      1 question: Why do you need cash TODAY?

      Your response will make a difference to my answer.


      I don't really need cash today. But I do need cash soon.
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        If you're a good writer and can deliver quickly, here are a couple of suggestions:

        Ask local restaurants, shops, businesses owners if they need their web copy rewritten.

        You can get paid quickly for this kind of work, and you can also charge considerably more than any online content mill or bidding site will pay.

        Also try contacting SEO or Web Design agencies. They often need writers and will pay quickly.
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    Warriors For Hire will the fastest one for you to get paid thought its difficult you would be paid today.
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      How much you want and how much you are going charge-both are the most crucial points here!

      If you are going to open your sales thread in "Warrior For Hire" section then my question is-

      Do you have any deal breaking offer?

      Yes, only this can make some money for you within next 24 hours or else chances are very little.
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    Has anyone else used iWriter? I've written there before. They don't pay much but you do get credited in a day or two. Just make sure to go with buyers who have lots of top reviews (five stars) and a high approval rate.
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    As a writer myself I can get paid the same day quite often but it is because I am established.
    As a new writer, you are asking a lot. The auction sites don't pay you today. You need private clients that will agree to do it and you need to prove you are worth paying.

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
    Writer/Editor/Proofreader. Place orders.

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    Hi CaptainPike,

    I saw your post on the homepage and hope that my response helps.

    If you want to get paid today, I would contact other writing services, not potential clients. And yes, I guess technically they are clients in a way, but I hope you see the difference here.

    You can go to various sites, and reach out to an already established writer or writing service that is getting paid today. I believe this situation will be your most likely chance to get paid immediately, as they will be more willing to hire you out for a job and even spot you money (maybe).

    Personally, I receive about one message per day from someone asking to write for me and I turn them down every time, as this simply isn't in my best interests. This isn't to say that other writers or writing services will do the same...

    It's 9:30pm EST here, so that leaves you about 2 1/2 hours to get paid today. This will certainly be cutting it close.

    Best Regards,

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