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I'm wanting to create a $10 product that I can upscale after the initial freebie. I'm thinking of doing a video series on how to improve callback rates for actors.

My question are:

What value should be expected in a $10 product?

How much info should be packed in? How in depth should it go?

What's worked in the past for you?

I don't want to shortchange my customers in ANY way.

I appreciate your advice and experience.

Feel free to PM me!

Thank you,

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    Well you've asked a multitude of question there. Personally I don't think there should be a limit of the kind of value that you offer to customers. If I were you I'd try to always over deliver. Exceeding expectations is always the standard. That was an oxymoron, but it's true.

    I'd use mcdonalds as an example, getting a McDouble for only 1.00 is a lot of a value to most people. You get a lunch sandwich for only a dollar.

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    • Thank you for your reply KuhNoodle. I DID ask a lot of questions! Sorry about that.

      I definitely want to over deliver, but should I set a limit on the time or length of the information.

      For example, I don't think a $10 product should be an hour long - but I could be very wrong.
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        I'd also appreciate any input fellow Warriors have here.

        For me, I put the most value in my freebie and introductory offer so that my customers reach for my up sells. And my introductory offer has to at least solve a problem. My middle tier product is my signature product and is my system, and my high end product is advanced techniques.

        I think the goal of your freebie and impulse buy is simply to create a customer base and some capital to invest on promoting your product. You want to maximize customer responsiveness early on, its a common marketing technique that cashes in on the human psyche of investment. You get them to make small, easy investments and they are more likely to invest even more afterwards.

        If that $10 offer is all that you are doing, than you simply want to build customer trust so that they are more responsive in email follow ups.
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        • I have 20 follow ups done already and I'm continually adding more each day. Have about 60 subscribers.

          That was my thinking rschmitz! Start small and build up to my 8 hour dialect course I have planned.

          So, you guys think I shouldn't worry about length but instead focusing on solving a problem COMPLETELY?
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  • I'm also open to other suggestion for how to release the $10 product. I just thought video would work best, but I'm new and eager to LEARN.
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      Originally Posted by Donald The Dialect Coach View Post

      I'm also open to other suggestion for how to release the $10 product. I just thought video would work best, but I'm new and eager to LEARN.
      If you can offer it in a pdf as well that would be a bonus. A lot of people don't want to invest the time and energy in watching video. Also file sizes tend to be pretty big. You will get more buyers if you offer a PDF as well.

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  • I would go all out and offer as much as you can. Just think about how much might be offered in a similar type of product on say, Clickbank and make it as good as something that might sell for at least 20-30. Then people will might be surprised when they see that it's only 10.

    But instead of pricing it at 10, you'll almost surely make more sales with it priced at 9.99.

    Edit: On top of that, you may find that you'll actually make more sales if you price it at 19.99, because it will be perceived as being more valuable. But you can always play with price points once you have the product up and see what sells best.
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  • The great thing about digital products is that you can use them to make money for years after they are done (in many cases). WAY over deliver, and make the money back by selling thousands of them over time.

    If it is good enough people will recommend the product to their friends and others too.

    For a $10 video series I would think about 45 minutes of great content would be great. Plus a PDF and you've got yourself a really nice product to sell.
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    I would go all out and offer as much as you can
    While that is a great idea, alot of people tend to over do it and add fluff and crap that only confuses the buyer. The best advice I can give, is give people something that works. Keep it simple, and make it as easy as possible to apply your fix.

    Simple is always better IMO.
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