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Hi, I wanted to ask if there is anyone who would be helpful enough to direct me to which ebook authors are the best for internet marketing. I have currently bought a WSO by David and now I learned a little bit about the squeeze pages but I'm still at a loss as to how this whole traffic and affiliate offers etc works. I really want to learn and work hard on my own before asking for help. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions they could point me into?
I also bought Lead rocket too. I really would love to learn so I could actually find ways to improve my own situation and I don't mind working very hard.

Thank you so much
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    I suggest trial and error. You learn most from your experience.

    FACEBOOK MARKETING: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Marketing

    TWITTER MARKETING: Twitter Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners
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    Originally Posted by excellentoffersblog View Post

    I also bought Lead rocket too. I really would love to learn so I could actually find ways to improve my own situation and I don't mind working very hard.
    Here's some great advice for you: until you know what you're doing, don't waste your money buying software and plugins. Wanting to do affiliate marketing and list building is great, but there's no point in having a squeeze page plugin if you don't understand how it works first
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    Do a 'search' on the toolbar at the top of this post and see what other Warriors have already covered.

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    check the WSO section to look for reputable authors
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    I personally spent two years adapting to technology. I learned how to navigate wordpress, make videos, load in videos, write compelling copy and add all to my squeeze page, offer a magnet, track and on and on.

    Unless you are a fast adapter I would recommend outsourcing and focusing on building a buyer's list, launching your own WSO and JVing.

    Stick to it!
    The right person stumbling
    across your big idea could
    help make it happen!


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      I'm still at a loss as to how this whole traffic and affiliate offers etc works

      That is a big red flag and time for you to slow down and take a moment to search around and not waste your money right now. There will be plenty of time later to throw money at WSOs and the like, but right now you are not even sure what you are buying and that will lead nowhere.
      Traffic is the bigger hurdle that any of us face. Getting google to like you enough to rank you on the first page can turn happy smiling people into bitter angry people that kick puppies, so search for SEO and link building here and on traffic planet and on digital point and then dig a little deeper into the internet and see that there are gigabytes worth of information that is out there for free if you just look. Then once you know what you need then you can buy if you think you still need it.

      Other than that traffic means to get people to your site to view it.
      affiliate marketing is you selling someone else's product on your site for a commission.
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      Originally Posted by usamaverick View Post

      , offer a magnet,
      I've never considered offering magnets.

      I might pop down the hardware store and see if I can get some in bulk.


      Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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    My advice: Try avoid buying more stuff until you make some money.

    That's what I did way too much when I first got started online, and it was NOT good.

    There are plenty of people out there who info for free on there websites or in their training. I am one of those people, and there are many others. Don't waste your money, as it's been said, till you know some more for free.
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    Start searching and studying.
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
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    buying the book makes them money and that's how they make money LOL be careful about thinking anyone is a know it all I have had my best luck with trial and error and playing around with different ideas... Unless you want SEO and than I would read the best. It's funny I never made money when I got the books and listen to people tell me tricks.... I made money with I got dirty and jumped in.
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  • There's really alot to take in and learn and understand when you find out about internet marketing. There's so many directions to go in. Before you go any further, there's so much information on this forum that you should learn. It can save you from heartache.

    Use the search function on this forum for things like affiliate marketing, building a list, and traffic sources. There are different ways of going about just those things alone. Believe me, if you take some time and find out what's out there and what you need to do to get somewhere with IM, it's so much easier.
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      I'm a newbie myself. Here is what gave me some success and is a good way to get your feet wet.

      Go to Amazon associates and sign up for an affiliate account. After that you can choose products from Amazon to promote and if you make a sale you earn a commission.

      After you choose a type of product find as many makes and models of that type of product to promote.

      Once you have the product you are going to advertise start thinking of keywords you could use to promote that product. Take some of those keywords and go to google keyword tool and find low competition keywords. The best keywords these days will be longtail keywords it just means that instead just short keywords like "hunting boots" you would use keywords like "deer hunting boots reviews" the longer keywords tend to have less competition. You can use google to better understand longtail keywords.

      Once you have your keywords it's time to get a domain name. the few domain names I bought I used namecheap.com there's many out there but I used that one because the system I bought was saying to use it. Do some research and find what works best for you for wher to buy your domain names. Now your domain name should be something that has your keywords in it. so if your keywords are "deer hunting boots reviews" than your domain name should be "deerhuntingbootsreviews.com" or something similar.

      Once you buy the domain name it's time to find hosting. I use hostgator but there are many places you can get hosting just find one that works for you.

      After getting hosting install wordpress on there and you can find easy to follow tutorials out there. I would get a review theme for wordpress to start out. Just google wordpress review themes and find a good one. Once you have it installed it's time to start adding your products to the website with pictures and content with your links in each review to your amazon affiliate link. This is much easier than it sounds I promise. I can tell you the product that walked me through this step by step but you may even be able to find this on google for free do some checking if not I can give you the name of the product I bought.

      Now it's time to get traffic. You need to learn some basic SEO if you don't know what that means google it. Find out how to get backlinks again google that if you don;t know what backlinks are. Traffic is the hardest part but thats all affiliate marketing is, if you have a site that is selling a product all you need to do is get that traffic to see your site and you will start making some sales.

      Now I didn't make much money doing this it was around $20 in a year but I only had a couple of days invested in doing the work. I just needed more traffic. The point is I made some money online and got my feet wet. I live in MN so can no longer be an Amazon affiliate due to new tax laws so check your states policies first.

      I hope I offered a little insight for you. PM me if you want to talk more in depth I don't know much but I know enough to help get you started.



      Will work for knowledge

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    Search and read and most important apply.

    I'm Ready for learning.

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    Before you begin promoting affiliate offers you really need to start building a list. Honestly, I've purchased a ton of info products but didn't make a cent until I just started taking action and trying stuff out.

    However there is one book I wholeheartedly recommend for a newbie: Near Magic List Building System

    It will teach you everything you need to know to get started.
    Still Paying For E-books? Why Not Get Them For FREE – http://www.free-e-books-online.com/
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    There are only 3 aspects to making money online.

    1) Content for your visitors to devour. Content can be text, video, audio, presentations, images, or a combination of them.

    2) Traffic is the life blood of this business. Traffic is usually generated by either paid sources (e.g. google adwords but DEFINITELY not recommended for a beginner) or by free methods such as SEO (which is really not free because you put your time here) or through social networks (think facebook fanpages, etc.)

    3) Monetization. Making money off the traffic, usually done through selling your own products or referring someone else's (affiliate mkt).

    For each of the above, google up and you will find yourself out of the newbie stage within a week or two.

    My 3 piece advice:
    1) Stay clear of buying products that yell "Make 72312.43$ in the next week, sitting home in your pajamas!"

    2) There's no free traffic. Don't run behind loopholes and traffic hacks.

    3) Nothing beats old fashioned hard work! Create great content, then create some more, and keep learning on the side.
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      There are lots of ebook authors that provide great information on different methods of online marketing. It would be unfair to suggest you follow just one.

      If you just want to soak information up then you could purchase access to the War Room Here. There are loads of free guides there that will help you to understand various make money online methods.

      I would suggest not buying any software until your business is already up and running and you know what you need.

      What I would advise to anyone starting out is that selling a service is a great way to get going. It will enable you to start making money pretty quickly and get to 'learn the ropes' of online business.

      Best of luck,
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