lucrative list building technique thats free and the professionals are using it.

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Start a tell a friend feature on your webapge. When a new visitor subsrcibes to your opt in email list direct them to a tell a friend script rather than a simple thank you page.

Here is a free site you can use , it allows your new visitor to tell 3 friends about your newsletter, ezine or product.

FREE Tell A Friend Service / Script!

This strategy will multiply the number of
signups you get from every iota of traffic
that hits your sign-up page.
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  • This is a good idea.

    Now, the one thing you have to worry about is this. If you start to get alot of spammers on your site, that are signing up and alot of bots that visit your site, that "Refer A Friend" can be a bad thing.

    Lets say you get 100 bots that serf your site, and they all start "Referring Friends" then this could send alot of emails and your hosting account could be in possible trouble, depending on your hosting provider.

    IF you can keep the bots and spammers of the site, this is a wonderful idea and thanks for sharing with us.
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    Sorry to say I had the same problem years ago that steadfast talks about. A load of made up emails that made me take it down pronto!

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    Can you put something in the robots.txt or whatever the file is called so that the robots or bots you are talking about dont get to that page unless it is brought up by the thank you part of signing up. This is a thought, hope it helps.

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    Originally Posted by steadfast View Post

    I tried this method before and I get a lot of email those didn't exist. They just simply put or create few emails , just in order to get the gifts for referrals.

    Same experience here. I know that it is a good way to get new subscribers, but it has an unpleasant side, too. I tried this before and after a while I stopped it because of a lot of fake 'friend's' email address provided by freebie seekers.

    As I observe it's importance is going to be lesser than before. (This is my opinion only.)

    All the best,

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    I stopped this project because of the junk
    email address problem.

    It didn't seem to be that effective.
    Nowadays, most people have at least
    2 extra email addresses.

    A lot of the times the referring email
    just get sent to their secondary inbox.

    - Insert backlink here -

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      On top of the BS email address problem, you have another few issues to concern yourself with.

      If you use Aweber, just don't do it. They don't allow it, and they'll disable your account for it. For the reasons mentioned above.

      Also, it's very easy to get blacklisted using these things. All sorts of stuff that can be done bad with them, on top of just dipsticks putting fake addresses in to get the freebie.

      Not to mention possible CAN-SPAM implications...

      Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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