Facebook Ads Compared to Bing Ads which ones Effective more Efficient?

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Facebook ads compared to Bing ads which one is more effective more efficient? I'm going to be running an ad campaign in the next two weeks I was considering advertising on Facebook but I hear pretty good things on Bing on here which advertisement behemoth is more effective?
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    You know you will get so many different views.
    It is going to depend on what your advertising your ad and all the other things
    that go along with it.

    I honestly only advertise on facebook for a few things because I have much
    better luck elsewhere.

    Whichever one you do find a coupn first. If you have a hosting account you probably have some in your cpanel waiting for you. Otherwise there pretty easy to find.

    Good luck.

    If its internet marketing related look at shoemoney.com on the right is a place called marketplace. I have exceptional luck there and its 75 bucks on a rotator.
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      I've done both and like the guy above said, "it depends"... some things are better suited for FB, and visa versa. Honestly, the less it sounds like a "pitch" or sale, the better Facebook seems to work, while anything goes on the PPC networks.


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    You can be super targeted if you use Facebook and it's much easier to build relationship there and follow up those leads. Bing is getting bigger and Facebook is integrated with Bing now, but think about who is your target market? Do they hangout on Facebook or not? Which approach do you think can convert your leads to customer better? Keep testing and tweaking, though.

    Good luck!
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