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by jprt80
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What's up everyone? My name is Justin. I"m getting ready to graduate with my Bachelor's in Finance, but hate wearing a suite. I'm no slacker and will graduate summa cum laude, but I like the idea of doing my own thing. Jumping into the corporate world is like being an easily-replaceable cog in the machine of life; not the way I want to spend my days.

I just joined here a couple of days ago and I'm starting to realize there is some real money in internet marketing. I just don't know how to start. Should I begin with a blog and ad some in-text links? If so, how do I get in touch with the companies that might be interested? Does anyone do affiliate search advertising anymore? I tried to set up a search campaign, but adwords has the status in "site suspended". Not sure if this type of marketing has been swept under the rug or not.

I guess, in short, I'm looking for some Jedi or guru to mentor me and show me the ropes. Thanks in advance for any responses. You time is greatly appreciated.

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    The first thing you need to do is
    *Analyze what people are buying
    *Join a good affiliate program
    * Start a blog either WP or blogger
    *Start a newsletter or just build a list
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    P.S. that should keep you busy for the day. then repeat every day. Then put it on auto pilot.

    Is that easy enough?
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    any recommendations on a good affiliate program?
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    Read a few post, but don't wear yourself out.
    Create a Product - There are many ways to do this
    Build a list - You will need a squeeze page (lots of free templates available)
    Write, Write, and Write some more - If you can write well then you can start making money quickly!

    There are many turn-key systems, but the bottom line is to keep it simple. Don't chase every promise of riches out there. Start with a simple proven method like creating a valuable free info product, build a list, and then offer good products for sale. Build their trust, and then you can offer affiliate products.

    Create Expert Level Products In 24 Hours Or Less! Rags To Riches PLR Formula

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    You can start with building a list, well it took me 3 years to figure it out.

    I never made a dollar online for 3 years until I start list building.

    You can be an affiliate or you can create a product.

    Create a squeeze page, you can google squeeze page templates/example.

    Give value to your list and promote GREAT stuff to your list. (not crap product)

    If you find something that you wanna work on, keep focus on it until you make it work.

    # Product + System + Traffic = ??

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      Welcome to the Warrior Forum.

      My own story is not a lot different than yours, except I went to grad school, got a Master's degree, and spent 30 plus years of my life in the work force.

      No regrets really - but had the Internet been around when I was in college I might have chosen the path you're looking down.

      Anyway, what I want to tell you is that the advice you've read above is the view from 30,000 feet. It's a good view to help you see the big picture.

      Realize however, that any success you have with Internet marketing will come at ground zero. What is really important is that you learn how to execute the details of small daily tasks. When you get good at doing them, and you can consistently and persistently do them day after day, then you will begin making money.

      There are a lot of people here that can't seem to get past the big picture!

      The best way to learn is by doing. Take in the big picture, sure . . . but quickly move on to learn by doing all the little daily tasks that will pay off in the long term.

      The best to your success,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Hey JPRT80!

    My best advice to you would be to pick ONE thing and stick to it all the way through.

    If it succeeds then GREAT! Put it on autopilot and start your next project.

    If it fails then OH WELL, start your next project.

    Starting a wordpress blog and building a list is a great way to start.

    You could also get involved with a turnkey business.

    Feel free to message me if you need any help or guidance

    YOU are awesome :)

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