Your #1 source of FREE traffic?

by darias
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What is the number one source of free targeted traffic that you use in your business?

When I say free, I mean zero financial cost. I realize that many "free" methods are costly time wise.
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    Don't know number one cause each site is different.
    Blog posts
    On and on and on and on.
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      For my sites, it's a pretty even dead heat between:


      That's for the free traffic, though. Although You could argue that YouTube isn't free, since I had to buy a mic and powerpoint and a camera to make the videos, but you get the idea.

      I've tried other stuff, but for me personally, they get me the most bang per "buck" or whatever.
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        Originally Posted by George Hutton View Post

        For my sites, it's a pretty even dead heat between:


        That's for the free traffic, though. Although You could argue that YouTube isn't free, since I had to buy a mic and powerpoint and a camera to make the videos, but you get the idea.

        I've tried other stuff, but for me personally, they get me the most bang per "buck" or whatever. is still getting you decent traffic? My traffic has all but dropped off from EzineArticles and other article directories, have your articles been getting more views during the last couple of months ??
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      Originally Posted by hustlinsmoke View Post

      Don't know number one cause each site is different.
      Blog posts
      On and on and on and on.
      over a billion members and the number 2 ranked site in the world so i think facebook takes the cake as the number one free site. it has lots of special interest groups you can join and imbed your site or products. Youtube second and google 3rd.
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    Well if we want to get Nerd Technical like the nerds here. Nothing is free, time is money lol.
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    The answers here are going to differ according to where people have invested time and energy in ultimately getting 'free' traffic as a result. For example, if people spend a lot of time and effort on blogging, they are going to get 'free' traffic from their focus and application on doing the whole 'blog' thing. Same with Facebook, forums, youtube... and so on. The only thing I will caution you on here is relying on organic traffic from Google. Why? Because that search engine changes its algorithm constantly so you're having to stay ahead of the SEO curve... and the rules change so frequently that most webmasters have now lost their hair relying on getting 'free' targeted traffic from the 'G'. And yes, I know there will be some people in this forum that say, "Well I get great traffic from Google even after all the algorithm updates so far and I know what I am doing with SEO". That may be the case, but when it changes again, it may not be the case so don't *rely* on it. And here I rest my case
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    Free traffic is the dream of every website owner and different people use different techniques for getting maximum visitors. Top freeware sources of free traffic are:
    Facebook, Twitter or other social medias,
    Email marketing,
    and YouTube.
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    Youtube for sure

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    Social media platforms, of course but I prefer to invest enough money. It's more efficient both for your time and money rather than relying mainly on free methods.

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    Google and Yahoo (Organic searches) - free traffic with results(conversions)
    Facebook - free traffic but no conversions
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    I'm not a SEO expert but my #1 source of free traffic is Google. [My style] I don't waste time on backlinks, page ranks, algorithms, ........ PUT A LITTLE ATTENTION ON KEYWORDS AND WRITE TO PEOPLE.

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    Hi Darias,

    By far, the easiest way to easily get traffic to your website, for me at least, is by creating YouTube videos. These videos rank very quickly, and if you have enough longtail keywords, you can drive a significant amount of traffic with very little effort.

    Many people recommend getting backlinks to your videos in order to improve your ranking. Some people have also stated that you should get likes and comments to improve your chances of ranking high.

    However, instead of doing this, by simply choosing 10 or 20 keywords that are related to whatever it is you're selling, and using Jing or Camtasia to make the videos quickly, you should start to see traffic going to your website as a result of uploading these videos without any additional work.

    Always remember to put your URL in the description and tell people that they can get more information at your website. People need to be told what to do, and by providing a hyperlink that they can simply click, your traffic volume will be much higher.
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    No. 1 is Google . . .
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    # 1 I think is Google. Just search for keywords in Google keyword tool and write your articles. Also Social Media.
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    Sort of scares me how many people state google here. Man that could take all your traffic away in a second. I rely on other means as much as possible.
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      Originally Posted by hustlinsmoke View Post

      Sort of scares me how many people state google here. Man that could take all your traffic away in a second. I rely on other means as much as possible.
      If you'll write to Google, that will happen. Write to people, you're safe. Since long time, under several algorithm changes too, there are some websites on top of Google results for same query. All of them are sharing authority type contents REALLY useful to people.

      However, my saying doesn't argue with hustlinsmoke's opinion because writing & sharing authority contents is little hard work than ordinary writing. You know most people are lazy . you need to be fixed with several other resources except Google.

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    Number 1 is EzineArticles

    2 is Squidoo

    3 is Word of mouth

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    Free traffic is never a waste of time. Its actually the Best source if you do it right. It may take a while to get decent volume via SEO etc, but it will save you a fortune in the long run.

    If you can afford it though, Yeah sure, PPC and other Paid advertisement.
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    Organic traffic by writing blog posts works, but will take some time. Facebook is great for targeting traffic. Join groups in your niche and drive people back to your site by providing value. Create YouTube videos that link back to your site. Post your links on Google+ (will show up in Google searches better too). Use social syndication sites like EzineArticles, Stumbleupon, EmpireAvenue.

    Affiliate links and MLM links are not allowed.

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    Videos for sure. I guess people love these more than just reading an article. I guess it creates a bonding effect (?!!?!?) Nevertheless, this gets me alot of traffic easily. 2nd in line would be forum marketing.
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    My #1 source of traffic is Google, SEO is awesome!
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      nothing is free. Your either doing the work (writing article, videoing, taking photo) or your paying for traffic (google, bing) or someone else to do content work. It just comes down to this. Do you value your time more than cost of paying someone else to do it. Personally, I think your time is most valuable commodity you will come across in your lifetime.
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    Google >> YouTube >> Facebook >> Forum marketing!
    Make every day count!
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    There is no such thing as "Free" traffic because you will need to commit your time and effort to creating content and distributing content for some time before you will be able to start experience the consistent flow of traffic to your website.

    I will make sure that I have a mixture of free and paid method of traffic generation methods. If I do not have the money to invest in paid method, then I will make sure that I find ways to get the money that is required.

    There is nothing wrong in getting a job as it will provide you with the income that pays the bill and you can save a portion of it to grow your online business.
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    I would say forums.

    But then again posting all day in forums is not the best use of time.

    I paid very small amounts to adveritise in these forums, at the top, the side and bottom and the traffic is not only really good, u cannot get more targeted than that. Sales always come in each day consistantly from doing this.

    There is no better way to get targeted traffic than paying for ads in your niches forums. Even if you have to pay up big, its well worth the investment, my ROI of this type of traffic is insane.
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    My top three are forums, google plus & twitter. They're always top but change on a daily basis.
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    MY best free traffic sources are Google and Social bookmarking sites.
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    Well, you tube is a proven winner. I am also getting traffic via twitter and similar services.

    Best way to get free traffic is posting your own images. Not just on pinterest, but there are many more. There are many clones like fancy or gentle mint. Actually, those clones are better for me. Pinterest is now over run in spam.
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    If your video on youtube is Ranked No.1 on Google for certain keywords, You are always in for a winner. Obviously this depends on search volume, But generally, Its Free, and what i use ALOT, to generate quick, and targetted results. [That actually convert]
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    Youtube Videos can bring in HUGE traffic when they made with quality and directed to the right viewers.
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    1. Youtube (videos kill it)
    2. Google (organically, with Youtube videos)
    3. Facebook Fan Pages
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    Originally Posted by darias View Post

    What is the number one source of free targeted traffic that you use in your business?

    When I say free, I mean zero financial cost. I realize that many "free" methods are costly time wise.
    A lot of so called "free" methods are "pre-paid" in that you pay for links, or time to do SEO.

    But, putting that aside, my favorite method is still organic SEO. I spend more time finding low-competition keywords, and try to get 4-5 in one 1000 word blog post or article. That way I don't have to worry much about getting links or about changes to the Google algorithm, just put up the content and send some social links to it.

    I integrate twitter, facebook, linkedIn and pintrest as much as possible.

    I do a little stumbleupon, ezinearticles, blogger and

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  • Used Facebook Fan page and blogger and create more unique content once you've done it Google will reward you as well and they will help you to gain more traffic to your site.
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      This month it's reddit.
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    Yahoo Answers
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  • YouTube has gotten me more traffic than anything else. I highly recommend it, even if you can just put slideshow videos together it really adds up after a while. What I love is that fact that it's autopilot traffic.
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    YouTube is the second largest social media site as far as getting traffic to your website. Everything helps.
    Geri Richmond
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    EDIT: Google seems to bring in the most traffic.

    I'm actually in Cpanel right now and tumblr is actually bringing me a boatload of free traffic too.

    (My about page to be more specific).

    Also, my gravatar page is a close second.

    And..Stumbleupon is bringing in lots of free traffic also.

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      I have not found anything even close in comparison to syndicating articles for targeting and directly driving highly convertible traffic. For example, one article marketed to just a few authoritative ezines, newsletters, and offline publications that already have reading audiences within your niche may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in equivalent advertising costs.

      Apart from being a form of free advertising in top publications with highly targeted audiences, there is often a subtle but very powerful aura of implied endorsement of the article by publishers to their readers. Advertising (free or paid) doesn't have anywhere near such leverage as article syndication, nor its virtually unlimited scalability potential, particularly within the most hotly competitive niches.
      “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton
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        I use some PTC and other sites, for example Clixzor where for $ 49 you can purchase one Share, you get 1000 000 banner views, 1000 PTC clicks ...
        And the best, you earn 120% ($ 58.80) a month.
        Hence, advertising is free, and earn more $ 17.80
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          Originally Posted by kapa View Post


          I use some PTC and other sites, for example Clixzor where for $ 49 you can purchase one Share, you get 1000 000 banner views, 1000 PTC clicks ...
          And the best, you earn 120% ($ 58.80) a month.
          Hence, advertising is free, and earn more $ 17.80

          This is an awesome way to think of it, and can help you when you are testing and ramping things up slowly. Media buying goes like that, find something that works, then look for more targeted sites. It can be insanly good.
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    If you don't mind the headach, time, and risk of getting google slapped then seo is good as long as your on page 1. Ad swaps are really good too if you have a list and some good swap partners. If you're doing email marketing you can do something where you put someones link in one of your follow ups and they do the same for you. Here's some other freebie methods that may work as well.
    • YouTube
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Forums
    • Blogging (seo)
    • Free press releases
    • safe list / viral list builders
    • Slideshare
    • Guest blogging
    • Stumble upon
    • Delicious
    • Squidoo
    • LinkedIn
    • Yahoo answers
    • Blog commenting
    • Craigslist
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  • Profile picture of the author ianleishm
    i'm a bit worried here that a lot of people are saying google as i would never rely on google traffic alone as they can take all that away from you in one go so i would start to use other methods too. i think the best free sources are articles and videos and you can rank videos very quickly and get lots of traffic from them.
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  • Profile picture of the author KittyPoo
    If you are saying about free traffics than I would say there are number of tools to get free traffics.
    One of the free web traffic tool is content writing. You can write number of articles but it should be original and post them in different free online article directories.
    You can also get targeted traffics through blogs and forums but one thing you have to keep in mind is don't be spam.There are social media sites and different online directories where you can publish your site without paying anything.
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      Various one's Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, FB, Pinterest to name a few
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    • Profile picture of the author Kyawikyo
      Have tried Facebook, twitter, articles and now forums, and got no success.
      I even sometimes think people do other things for traffic to happen.
      But I will keep on trying.
      May be I'll get a way from many tricks I'm reading here.
      Thanks to all
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    • Profile picture of the author MarketMaster13
      The one I use most are
      Forum Posting
      Social Media
      Blog commenting
      and link building
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    • Profile picture of the author shrikantsoftwin
      Google Organic is the best source of free traffic, but it takes time to get on top positions.
      Social media like facebook, twitter, youtube and some free advertisement like classified ads are the good sources from where you can generate traffic.
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        Google and Youtube are my top picks. The next would be JV traffic, as in email lists (which can be free if you play your cards correctly).

        A well made site properly promoted can get natural big G traffic. Create a ton of nice videos and those will pull in traffic from Google AND youtube. I say Google over youtube simply because I've had sites with a ton of content pull in organic traffic which took zero additional effort.

        JV traffic can be super high quality and converts higher than Google or Youtube, but you have to put in work to make it truly free.
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    Youtube is the most contributor, and most importantly the traffic will be very good and well converting.
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    Facebook is a good place. And twitter
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    Google will help you a lot.But free means the slower and weird.
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    • Profile picture of the author JSProjects
      Originally Posted by tanyaa View Post

      Google will help you a lot.But free means the slower and weird.
      What the heck does this post even mean?

      "Free means the slow and weird?" Huh?

      Ok, well, one of my favorite methods of free traffic is by doing what everyone here is already doing. Posting on high traffic, niche-related forums. It may not generate the MOST traffic. But if you're consistent, it can drive some extremely targeted traffic back to your site via your sig.

      It's old school. But it still works great to this day.
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  • Profile picture of the author AffiliateWaves
    Youtube and Facebook

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    Posting to my blog daily.

    More content = more traffic usually.
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    I started a site two weeks ago with two articles on it. Today alone I've had 149 unique visitors, all through twitter and google+. Social media is where it is at.
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      Originally Posted by doggerel View Post

      I started a site two weeks ago with two articles on it. Today alone I've had 149 unique visitors, all through twitter and google+. Social media is where it is at.
      social media is good, I do well form it, but you do better with hooks, remember people are not there to buy stuff, they are there to look and update selfies and stuff.

      So you need to have hooks if you are using paid ads on any social media. Its creates buzz and curiosty, that is what gets them clicking.

      Plus the new tracking and targeting on FACEBOOK is killer.
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  • Profile picture of the author amwarner
    It's been referrals for my but google searches have been bringing me quite a bit lately ... I'm in the process of doing Podcasting, so I'll see how well that route brings me traffic.
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  • Profile picture of the author tristatemedia
    THAT IS FREE AS IT GETS......................................
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  • Profile picture of the author zahanega
    blog posts, Facebook/twitter/social media
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  • Profile picture of the author jasondinner
    Facebook - although it cost me money to build up my free traffic.

    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

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    In my opinion, it would be blog posts, Facebook, and Youtube.
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  • Profile picture of the author Trey Morgan
    YouTube, Google, and forum marketing.
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  • Profile picture of the author MGGJ
    Well thats the million dollar question. I would say that the best free is dependent on what exactly you are doing. e.g. blog, shop, etc. SEO for Google ranking is still the best, i think. Yes, it takes a bit of effort but worth it on the long run. As google changes, like everything else, one will have to adjust.


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  • Profile picture of the author themichaelcook
    It differs from person to person, what may work for one person may not work so well for the next, it's all about testing(I know that sounds generic, but so true). I use as a free source Forums, Youtube, Pinterest etc., But I never count on FREE sources to run my business as its not as stable as my paid sources and as my 5 years in this industry shows, I have to differientiate myself from what the masses do.

    Honestly, You got to find out what works best for you because what works great for someone, May not work so well for you.

    If you need anything, Please don't hesitate to PM me here on the WF as I'm here everyday and will do my best to help you.
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  • Profile picture of the author themichaelcook
    Also I must add "1" more thing Darius.

    I don't know if you are part of the War Room which, when I joined was $37, but I highly suggest you become a member of the War Room.

    You can find out PLENTY and I mean PLENTY of Traffic Sources and get FREE WSO'S on a variety of different subjects.

    Again if you have any questions please PM me here, I don't make Millions online but I do make my full time living from Internet Marketing and can possibly teach you a thing or two and vice versa!
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  • Profile picture of the author evas
    No one using linkedin for promoting products ?
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  • Profile picture of the author allegandro
    1. Google, it brings me every day more than one thousand free visitors.
    2. Incomming links from other website, non paid (More as 1.000 now)
    Signature Do it - Do Extra
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  • Profile picture of the author 98quinnk
    Youtube all the way
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  • Profile picture of the author kinyash
    youtube, social media pages and forums
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  • Profile picture of the author sahabdk
    PRlog works for me but off course it depends which niche you specialize in

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  • Profile picture of the author ddev
    YouTube and Also (Videos ranking on Google for long tailed keywords - don't know why but many marketers ignore DM, better for us ).
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  • Profile picture of the author Laura Raisanen
    My no. 1 currently is blog commenting. Forum posting also brings in a nice amount through the signature links.
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  • Profile picture of the author prem khaira
    VIDEO Marketing, SEO and AFFILIATES... those are my free methods to get traffic to my sites.
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  • Profile picture of the author KingRoyal
    I have to say that blog posting has been our biggest traffic driver.
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  • Profile picture of the author himanuzo
    Google, Facebook and forums are my free traffic. I am still using them.
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  • Profile picture of the author Lisa Paule
    For me, its Stumble Upon and Google
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  • Profile picture of the author ServicesForIM
    The free traffic that I use daily are forum marketing, youtube and slideshare. The combination of those 3 has expanded my business very rapidly.

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  • Profile picture of the author tonydbaker
    You're number one source for wealth is always in relationships, and those in itself are never really free anyway. But, if you build relationships, then you will build up traffic.
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    relevant forum topic is the best for me.

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    Let me just say this: there are certain niches that serve wealthy people very well. Find a niche, build a website, and post yard signs in their neighborhood. That and, as Tony eluded to, find some meetups and local events to get out and meet people in your niche. The Internet is a marketing channel and automation tool - not a business model.

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    One way to boost your traffic, while you are waiting for your social media following to build, is via influencers. Write a really, really good post that refers to the work or the case studies of other people/experts. Let the experts know, thanking them for their work. Invariably they will be happy to share it with their own media following. You can often see quite a spike in your traffic as a result.
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  • Profile picture of the author Matthew Trujillo
    Here's a few methods that come to mind.

    Squidoo Marketing
    YouTube Marketing
    Article Submission on Related Blogs
    Social Bookmarking
    Guest Comments
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  • Profile picture of the author Alexander Goh
    There're hundreds free traffic generation methods out there. However, you'll remain single for life if you were to use every single method. Below are the 9 methods which i personally use for free traffic generation.

    1. Facebook fanpage
    2. Twitter
    3. Instagram
    4. Linkedin
    5. Dubber
    6. Vine
    7. SlideShare
    8. Article Marketing
    9. Pinterest

    Hope its helps=)

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  • Profile picture of the author DoubleOhDave
    Google Plus without a doubt for me, and though I don't use it right now, I have found that LinkedIn status updates work quite well - but that really depends on your niche - it needs to be something the majority of people don't perceive as spammy.
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  • Profile picture of the author alamest
    My first traffic source to my lead capture page is

    Forum Signature
    Traffic Exchange
    Facebook Groups
    and so on

    Looking for more quality traffic

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8862329].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author DoubleOhDave
    PS - I have to second that guy who asked:- "Auction sites???"
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8862393].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author eMarketingTools
    google and twitter

    We focus on listing and ranking Internet Marketing Tools!

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8862445].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Pauffiliate
    Mine is guest posts, facebook and google. I am still working on internal SEO as I am in a high competition niche.

    Geek, blogger and marketing affiliate from Spain.

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8862507].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Max Anderson
    Youtube and it´s not even close!!!

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8862531].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author popstocks
    Affiliates maybe? Don't try to do evrything your-self.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8862567].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author maxjpip
    I am using youtube and forum marketing.

    There are tons of free traffic you can use, but always focus on one, max. 2 methods, amd master it.

    Every traffic work and the best one is the one that can give u targeted traffic. It will save you a lot of time and money.


    Remeber always give good quality and helpful info, dont spam. I guarantee the traffic will come.

    Just pick one traffic and put all ur effort into it.

    # Product + System + Traffic = ??

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8862801].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Raimundas M
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8862821].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Ettienne
    1. Google
    2. Facebook
    3. LinkedIn
    Need SEO and Backlinks?
    Get a 30-Day FREE Trial
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8862845].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author steveswift79
    1. Google
    2. Youtube
    3. Articles

    If you're not ranking in Google organic results, the 2nd best method that I have found, is Youtube traffic... whether from actual Youtube searches or Google results. There are keywords that I have not been able to rank well with in Google that have ranked nicely on Youtube or even Google results for that video. This is targeted traffic. People often put too much focus on getting massive amounts of traffic without considering the quality. You will most likely convert better with 100 targeted visitors than 10,000 random visitors.

    Build 1000's of quality links quickly and on auto-pilot with Magic Submitter

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8863091].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author LimitlessTraffic
    Pretty much what everyone has been saying.

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8863102].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author PinkStar
    SE's, word of mouth and return links.
    Move it along folks, nothing to see here
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8863114].message }}
  • As a fitness professional I have three main exercises I do to gain muscle
    3)Bench Press

    As an Online Marketing Professional I have three main free traffic sources I use
    1) Search Engines Google
    2) Youtube
    3) Blog
    Need a Coach to generate leads and TRIPLE your online business income?
    Let me Inspire and Empower You!
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8863121].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author mharry
    Videos work best for me. I create a video course and upload it to multiple website, including youtube, dailymotion, metacafe and so on.

    I put back the videos on my website, and share it on different social media, as well as bookmarking site, which get me high on google ranking as well.
    Looking for Adswap Partner in Forex/Binary Options Or Make Money Niche

    Adswap from 100 - 2,000 clicks. (Skype me marc.ashwin)
    Or PM me at warriorforum.

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8863126].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author kevin timothy
    I'd have to say Youtube over social media sites
    (Facebook in particular). Since my videos are
    intended to help those within a certain niche
    I'd say that the Youtube traffic is more targeted.

    While I can get more "hits" to a URL from Facebook
    at any given time, it's not as targeted as my videos.
    Your Funnel is Waiting. Fill It With Unlimited Leads
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8863546].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Devid Farah
    -Classified ads
    -Doc sharing sites
    -Video Marketing
    -Press Releases
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8863550].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Mack
    For niches outside of IM/MMO, give Yahoo Answers a go. Takes some time for it to get rolling, but once it does, she doesn't stop.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8864569].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Brains Gone Wild
    LIVE Webinars & online events!
    The 1st and Only Webinar Platform for Internet Marketers is here! Click here to create your account now!
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  • Profile picture of the author yoangov
    1. Google
    2. YouTube
    3. To be announced

    I will run profitable ad campaigns for money.

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8864597].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author GamerZag
    My #1 source of free traffic is my customers and users. Hands down and it is extremely profitable.

    I gave away about 1,000 copies of a software I recently launched. Of those 1000 copies that were given away, 100s of people decided to make a purchase for a friend, or to say simply thanks, within 48 hours.

    Those free copies started a snowball affect. Users love the software and told their friends / twitter / fb / social networks. Those new people exposed then purchased the software. They become fanatics as well and they told more people about it. Then more purchased it.

    Those 1000 free copies I gave away are generating closing in on $15,000 a month, snowballing upward.

    Bottom Line: Do good to your users and your users will do good to you.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8864615].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author gvidass
    Now I'm using facebook and youtube, like most of us...
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8864648].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author automationhero
    The main source we use is our own Facebook tool. We join Facebook groups and schedule out posts promoting a product or offer. In just 1 day we were able to double the traffic for a certain client and generate several leads for them at a pretty high conversion rate.

    Pretty cool since it only took a max of 15 mins to schedule out posts for the next 2 weeks for them and in just one day already saw great results.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8864975].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author carlamae
    Networking on facebook and youtube videos.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8865445].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author withjay
    StumbleUpon is pretty good if you are creating something decent. Very little time involved and I've got a ton of visitors from there to sites.

    Social bookmarking tools are pretty sweet
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8865521].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Jasonsmith123
    Organic search via seo If you have 1 or 2 keywords at top position

    Software & Web Development at Miracle Group

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8865556].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author beasty513
    Google of course.

    Facebook and YouTube for me.

    All have been a great help and my list is growing nicely.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8865584].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author jigsneth
    You are right there's no such thing as free because free traffic requires time and effort.

    time + effort = money So there is no free traffic in real.

    If you want to use your time and effort you could use.

    a. Blog Marketing
    b. SEO
    c. Forum Marketing
    d. Youtube.
    Need Traffic To Your Website? Discover This Proven System Guaranteed To Increase Your Sales Fast. Get It Now While It's FREE For A Limited Time ONLY. Download Now!
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8865644].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author natnortey
    Its getting increasingly difficult these days to try so many free traffic sources at the same time. The time it takes and the complication involve may get you confused in the end. One way by which you can try various free traffic is to know how to handle the matrix.

    I concentrate on one traffic source at a time and milk it till there is nothing more to pour out. I start with articles to the main articles directories. Start with that and you will be amazed. Ensure that your content is good, after that move on to the next free traffic etc.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8865951].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author HammerNiko
    Forums are the Best if you know how !

    Learn & Earn !
    ********** - Download 2000+ PLR eBooks for Free! /// Buy Google Adwords Accounts with $70 Ad Credit for $35
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[8866016].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author rap3003
    Website comments

    Now a days if you want to get traffic instant using youtube you need to spend like $1-$5
    So i would not recomment youtube for getting free traffic unless you do the mass upload method
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9212594].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author YaniB
      I like Yahoo Answers for niches outside of Making Money Online.
      For the MMO niche, the old school stuff still works; such as article marketing and forum marketing.
      May take a little time to get going, but unlike social media and Google, it won't change without warning on you.

      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9212734].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author greenowl123
    My number 1 source of free traffic is a tie between SEO (ranking high in the SERPs) and getting traffic from my 8 twitter accounts, LinkedIn account, Facebook pages and Facebook friends, Tumblr followers, StumbleUpon followers, FriendFeed friends, etc. etc.

    It took a lot of time to learn SEO and a long time to build up so many friends and followers on all those social accounts, but it was free (just time consuming).

    A quick point about SEO : yes, indeed, you can lose your position in the SERPs, I learned the hard way when Penguin attacked. I had to un-learn old methods and learn new methods about SEO and start fresh. Now... I have good positions in the SERPs, but now, being a little bit wiser, I use all that traffic from SEO to build my lists.

    So if I lose my positions in the SERPs again, at least I have all those subscribers in my list and all is not lost.

    Back to free traffic methods :

    Tied for my number 2 spot are A. free classified ads and B. YouTube videos
    Free 40-page eBook "How To Earn With CPA Offers"
    + 14 Free Traffic Training Videos -
    Click here now. (no opt-in required)

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9212732].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Unkn0wnPlayer
    It depends on the site... but typically my #1 for free traffic would be organic seo.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9212750].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author 1ebooks
    SE's with EMD's and SEO
    Network Links (over 1,000 sites on our network)
    Editorial Pushes on our network
    Network Blogs
    Network Forums
    Forums outside network

    Pretty much in that order

    Early days of the net it was usenet the social media of that era
    Then SE's like infoseek then AV then Yahoo

    Now it's

    as far as organic from SE's

    Organic today with EMD's and SEO drives most traffic for us
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9212751].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Dan723
    When it comes to free traffic, social media platforms have worked best for me. I've done quite well with both YouTube and Pinterest.

    The thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to making the most of sites like these, is that you really need to choose the best platform for your niche. You've got to do your research and figure out where your potential customers are spending most of their time.

    You've also got to consider what type of content you'll be sharing most (ex. If you're niche falls within a very visual market like cooking, fashion etc. then Pinterest would probably work quite well for you).
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9212922].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author MIgartua
    YouTube videos and iReport on CNN's website :-)
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9212966].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author manolo2
    i love YouTube if you can get your video to rank you can get some great targeted traffic because they have done a search for what your video ranks for

    Discover How To Profit From Internet Marketing Quickly Using This Simple Method =>Create Money Ideas

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9333624].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author beasty513
    There's two big ones for me...

    1. Youtube

    2. Forum marketing
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9333699].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author celente
    Lots of GOOD COMMENTS in here.

    For me, too many times people build it, and expect their prospect to come.

    Nope! That just AINT gunna happen.

    for me its a 2 stepped approach and has made us tens of thousands online.

    1) Learn about exactly WHO your most targetted customers online is.

    2) Find out WHERE THEY HANG OUT, and put your message infront of them.

    These steps sound simple, but there is a process, and it can make you BIG MONEY very FAST online.

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9334489].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author JohnFreshLeads
    Google without question. To other marketers out there that use article marketing I say: Why use articles to build backlinks and drive a trickle of traffic when you get 100x more return on your time and energy by building your own site and writing original content or buying original content and then posting it to your own site, a site of your own that you can be proud of? Down the line you may get 1 or more organic visitor per day for each unique page of content that you have on your site. If you have 100 pages of unique content on your own site then you can expect to receive 100+ unique visitors per day through Google.

    A long-time reader and learner of the Warrior Forum. Now an active participant and contributor.

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9334531].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Gopalji
    For my sites, i get free trafic from :
    - Forums
    - Blog commenting
    - Guest posting
    - Writing articles
    - SEO
    - Creating newsletters
    - Social Bookmarking
    - Blogging
    - Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)

    Hope this help you to get more free traffic for your site
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9407737].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author hbhanot
    When you making money and then buy Guaranteed converting traffic is free traffic for me. They buy for us and Guarantee us for ROI. Is there better way to get free traffic. Upto $9000 per lead. Solo ads are running free for me by experts and I am sitting on my ***.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9407751].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author master reseller
    Guest blog posts are a good source of traffic for me. But, I always use the highest quality articles when publishing on other people's blogs. And, this produces a lot of real traffic for me, so it's not about backlinking or getting Google to notice me.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9407935].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author danstrik
    That depened on your niche , but do some research on claasfied sites such as craigslist,gummtree and cracker.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9441215].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author skrmiri
    A niche market is the subset of the market on which ypur product is focused
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9441220].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author jayardel
    Start with blog and forum commenting. That's where I always start. It has to be a daily thing. Join in the conversation for a while before posting any links.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9441926].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author sujit1717
    Reddit is one if the best. I always got 200 visitors on my site. One day I post my link to Reddit. And In a day I got 1856 visitors. Better than facebook and twitter. You dont need a list or something. Just post on reddit.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9442266].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author The Warlock
    lol, it's GOOGLE
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9442289].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Beergut
    Youtube, Blog Comments, SEO, Widgets, Articles to name a few
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9544635].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author royalbiz239
    Forums, and Youtube videos that is if you can get them to be seen

    Affiliate Link in Signatures are not allowed.

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9545960].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Roaarr
    I think its more about facebook fan pages.
    Youtube videos also do help a lot!

    Your SUCCESS is the best revenge, it all starts when you feel good about yourself.====>:

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9582539].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author John Pagulayan
    I'll do a blog post and after that I...

    (in order)

    1. Share it on social media
    2. Repurpose content and make an audio version to submit to audio sharing sites.
    3. Create a PP presentation using the audio to make a video to share on video sharing sites.
    4. Create a PDF version of the blog post for file sharing sites.
    5. Submit to an article directory (don't really cared about dup content).

    Basically everything but rely on Google SEO. =)
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9583405].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author megalinktraffic
    i get 100% free web traffic from ibotoolbox,megalinktraffic zero cost and more of targetted traffic too...
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9583468].message }}

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