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I created a website to launch a webinar series I'm offering to small business owners and entrepreneurs and could use some input.

What are some ways to drive traffic quickly?

I'm offering a 50% commission through an affiliate program and sending out emails to my list... what are some other ways to drive traffic quickly?

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      Solo Ads, PPC, Media Buys.
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        Google Ads, solo ads, Facebook ads. Don Wilson has some awesome training in cheap, super targeted FB ads.
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    Banner ads for your target market. Banner ads to get your affiliates.
    Remember Affiliates are much easier to manage and bring traffic to your site and usually less expensive than using ppc ect.

    How bout a healthy contest for the affiliates and a higher payout. See we also need to remember not to want to much profit on our launches.

    To give you an example of how I do it.
    Pay 100 percent FE 50 percent 1 oto 1 downsell 2 oto and sometimes even 75 %
    This cover my costs and might make me a little money cause I run a contest also.

    Now have another project in the background. As soon as your promotion is over blast your email list with your promotion and the profit is all yours.
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      If you want your affilaite program to take off, you should activly recruit affilaites. They often don't just come along, put in work to obtain their services.

      Mailing your list is good, but only if you've already got a decent sized list.

      Other options include:

      Twitter. Simply search phrases of people who will be your target audience, and message them on there. So for example, you may want to search 'small business webinar' or something similar. See who comes up, and message them letting them know what you have going on. If you find someone else offering a similar service, message people who haven't interacted with them.

      Same with Google+; search relevant people. People on Google+ are a lot more responsive then Twitter as they often don't get message (It's a nice surprise to them when they are).

      Give forum marketing a try as well, it can send some nice traffic fast. Hope that helps.

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    Wow.. great advice from everyone! I've already started putting in place some of your suggestions and will let everyone know how it goes.

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    i would suggest solo ads and ppc
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