Forum Posting - How do I keep integrity?

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I've never posted in forums before - and I'm not sure how to do it. Could you guys help me out?

I've identified forums that would drive traffic to my site, but do I register as myself (representing my website) or as a person that's not affiliated with my site? I'm not 100% sure of the correct way to do this.

My distinct preference would be to register as myself, representing my site --- thus using the site name as the username, including a link in the sig, etc. Is this the right way to do it?

I look forward to hitting the "thanks" button on your replies! Thank you!
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  • Jayzeey,

    It doesn’t really matter what name you use as long as it fits with your goals. For instance if you want to gain exposure for your business, it would make more sense to use your brand name where ever possible. If you want to build a reputation for yourself personally, then use your real name.

    The more important thing to worry about is building equity on a forum. Don’t just go on there and immediately start putting links in your signature or hinting at how you can help people with your services/products or whatever. Be completely selfless and strive to help people with any expertise that you have. Once you have built up a reputation as someone that is helpful and knowledgeable, then you can start having your links in your sig or maybe even directing people to content that you have produced (if the forum allows it).

    Hope that helps,

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    I would try to use my name and picture to build relationship with people in forums. People like to see who they are really dealing with. Just good to have that personal touch
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    Misterkallo exactly said what I wanted. Put your name as a member, put your picture and a link to your business and you will be doing well in forums.

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    There's always a second thought. While some people believe going for a brand, company name is good and others think different and I am one of those people who think different.
    You look more trust worthy with a human name, you put your own name and photo and it looks good to most people. And after every post you make you have an option to show who you are..
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