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What did he mean by this...

"Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value."

Is he saying not to become successful, not to earn a high income, etc

I've heard this quote so many times and can't get a grip on it. Thought I'd ask my Warriors since we all seem to be 'success' oriented people!
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    I'm not familiar with the context of this quote. But perhaps he meant we should stop focusing on what WE want (success) and start focusing on giving others what THEY want (offering value). Because when we give others what they want, we get what we want too.

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      It's all relative.

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  • If you focus on value first, you'll provide a solid foundation for whatever comes to you in life. Value means giving people your best, putting hard work in, and producing results that last. Value means taking pride in what you do and achieve, so you can feel good about what you've accomplished, and how you've treated the folks around you at the end of the day.

    If you focus too much on the end goal, it's easy to cut corners on the way and take your eyes off the people that you're supposed to be serving. You create an "at all costs" mentality that might get you rich (it works sometimes, sure) but doesn't truly provide value for anyone but yourself. And that might be just fine, depending on who you are. Obviously it wasn't what Einstein wanted.

    If life is all about you, then success is a fine goal.

    If life is all about being a positive part of the world around you, then value is a fine goal -- and often sets the path for the kind of success you were looking for, anyway.

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    In my opinion there is no success if you are not able create value for others and help others become successful.

    I understand this quote as Become a person of creating value and success comes to you automatically , in fact that is the only way to achieve long term success.

    otherwise you are doomed fail even after getting some success in life.

    Hope this helps.
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    I think that success naturally comes out of providing value. Maybe that's what he meant?
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      The meaning of success differs from person to person.

      For one person, success is making a solid yearly income that pays for the monthly bills (rent, utilities, insurance, food) and have a bit left over to sock-away or spend on some fun.

      For another person, success means making a 6 figure income, having the finer things in life, being a "celebrity" (in whatever niche), etc.

      For yet another person, success is the end result of doing good in life.

      But success is hallow if you don't provide value to those around you, whether they be customers, peers, or those in need.

      In this regard, the definition of value, in the quote, could mean not only the giving of content (advice, products, service) that a customer could use, but also lending a shoulder when someone is grieving, helping a neighbor who just lost their house to a storm, etc.

      With all these possible definitions of value, the person who provides more value is more of a success in the long run. He may not have that 6 figure income or the finer things, but he's successful in being a human being in the grander scheme of things. The more value you provide, the more successful you are ... no matter the task, niche, etc.

      Yes, you can use the quote to apply to just marketing and business, but I don't think Einstein had just that niche in mind when he expressed it, but was thinking of mankind as a whole ... all aspects of life.
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