Your best piece of advice when going full ONLINE

by Quilst
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I'we been in this game for quite some time now and I am going full time. What would be your best piece of advice for me?
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    Depending on whether you're already earning an income from it...

    If not, don't (or ideally try not to) go full time unless you've already proved you can get a return.... of course this may be your only avenue and if it is then put everything you can into it from a time perpective, but of course be careful with the finances.

    If you are earning, then keep thinking and developing new ideas, what works today may not in future.
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      Start off by saving as much money as you can. Don't spend on anything unless it's absolutely necessary. Don't go and buy a new PC or spend money on new stationary etc...

      Spend all your time focusing on making profits. When the income's steady and you're comfortable, then start spending the extra money.
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        My best advice..

        Take frequent breaks.

        Manage your time and projects using a fully operation al time shcedule.

        Take a day off, relax enjoy that day, and most of all don't do anything work related.

        Start outsourcing.

        Start looking into bigger projects.

        And mostly Have fun.
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    Congrats on going full time! It's an exciting step -- one you'll never regret but when times get rough (and they will) remember why you do what you do and hang in there. Just remember to Always give your best work and you'll never lack business.
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    Don't give up your job unless you are generating more steady income from your online efforts.
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    "It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. Choose well"
    - Anthony Robbins

    Just do what your instincts tell you. To Your Success!
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    Keep your job until you have multiple sources of online income. I know you really want to make the change now but if you have all your eggs in one basket, something may go wrong, and its not a nice feeling to ask for your old job back.

    But if you already have multiple sources, go ahead and do it, all the best =)
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    Originally Posted by Quilst View Post

    I'we been in this game for quite some time now and I am going full time. What would be your best piece of advice for me?
    Have you already quit your job? I think that's the best thing you can do. because it forces you to look at everything as a real business.
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    give your best! and save , save, save, money. dont spend anything on sites, etc, unless you are 100% sure that you will get your money back as profit.
    goodluck, and have fun!
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    -Don't get complacent: be constantly improving, working, building
    -Keep a schedule and stick to it
    -Keep learning
    -Diversify your online income
    -Enjoy yourself, welcome to the good life!

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      Don't look back

      And buy a comfy chair.
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        - Face your desk away from the window.
        - Close your office door even if you're the only one home.
        - Turn off your cell phone and return calls after lunch and at end of day.
        - Check your email once in the morning and once after lunch. Period.
        - Turn your computer OFF at the end of the work day. Leave it that way.
        - No matter how tired you are at the end of your workday, make a list of the five critical things that must be done the next day. Do them.

        In other words, stay disciplined, stay focused and then STOP when you're done.

        Congratulations on your decision and best of luck!
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    Don't quit your full-time job unless your IM business generates a steady flow of income. Create a safety net with the income you made from IMing before going full force.
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    Discipline your self and your use of time. Working at home can be very distracting.

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      Hi Quilst,

      I personally feel that it is important to have a 'Activity Plan' so that you will be able to know the things that you will have to do on a daily basis.

      My opinion is to make use of the time to do productive things.

      Working at home full time is not easy as it can be very distracting.

      All the best to you


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    Don't quit your job until your online revenue doubles your job salary and remains sustainable for a few months.
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    Congratulations! The most important step when starting a business from home or going full-time from home is treat it like any other job. As in devote a full 40 hours a week to growing your business no matter what. If you don't you will fail.

    Also you need to set weekly money goals at the beginning of the week. As in this week I want to make $1200 bucks. I write down $1200 and deduct as the payments come in for that week till I hit zero (my goal). It's a full proof method I use over and over because you will do everything possible in your power to make that goal and after a while the money just rolls in. I know it sounds crazy but the method works.

    Keep in contact with the outside world. Connections can get your very very far. And joint ventures as well. Offline business is great to grow online business. Don't give up. Some weeks suck believe me I have had horrible weeks. But don't give up.

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    1. Be diligent and persistent.
    2. Never stop learning about online marketing
    3. Keep reading and posting in the forums
    4. Enjoy life, you lucky devil...
    5. Have a great day!
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    Get out of the house once a day. It's very easy to become a hermit in front of your computer and get cabin fever.

    Go for it. I quit my job in January and while the $$ has been challenging and I probably jumped the gun, I don't regret doing it for a moment.
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    You should have a business that's generating monthly passive and residual income that
    can replace the salary that you're earning from your job..

    My 2c
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