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Hi ladies and gentlemen warriors,
I'm relatively new here and I wish to get started with internet marketing.
I just finished uni with a web developer degree and have a background in graphic design. Since I love to sit around and make websites I figured I might try to make some passive income from it as well.
I did some research and decided that I want to make mini/niche sites as a start, since I would then get to create a lot of websites on subjects that interests me.
I find that the biggest problem I'm facing is; how to get going? And that's why I'm asking for some help that might get me and fellow beginners to get the ball rolling.

My questions are:
1) After I found a niche, registered a domain, built a website, what do I do next? I know it might seem obvious, but I'm honestly very lost. Should I buy some related articles from fiverr and post on my mini site? Should I also pay someone to do some essential SEO?
2) How do I drive people to my site?
3) How do I go about making money with amazon associates?
4) When do I know I'm doing it right?

Links to other threads and/or articles are also appreciated. I understand it's not the first time you have to help a noobie out :rolleyes:
It's very much appreciated.
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    You might want to try the WAR ROOM or doing a search for the answers to your questions. Your questions are asked several times in any given month at WF.
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    1. adding your blogs sitemap to google and yahoo
    2. when writing article keep in minde SEO
    3. do some Backlinking
    4. some bookmarks
    5. ++ you can shoose to advertise your blog by social like facebook do a page , google+ or Twitter
    6. ++ you can try to attack facebook groups in your niche
    7. ++ you can do some promotional videos for your blog and upload them to youtube Viameo and dailymotion
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    It's easy to make websites then sell them on Flippa. But to make good money you'll need an efficient production line. And if you can show your sites earn money, then you'll sell them for $$$ instead of $.
    ÖŽ FindABlog: Find blogs to comment on, guest posting opportunities and more ÖŽ

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    SEO is very important for you, you are new so how can anyone know about your services being offered. Plus there are many platforms where you can offer your services.
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    You should really consider SEO since you are still starting out. But always remember that you have to publish articles that have relevance. You may try outsourcing if you think that you can handle such task. Also, with your skills, you may consider selling websites but that'd be something that you can do later on.
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    You can use yahoo answer community to drive traffic on ur site. I try this yet and o got 2000 visitor in some hours only by just answering some question over there and leave ur website link as source link.
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    Work on skills you need to improve.

    Here are the tasks you need to get up to speed on:
    • Getting traffic to your web pages (SEO, PPC, ect.)
    • LPO landing page optimization to improve conversions.
    • Work on increasing your margin.

    It is true, amazon pays. However, you get a tiny % commission. Call up the product manufacturer directly and see if they can cut a deal with you.
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