Local Business Listings Negatively Affecting National Rankings?

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I've not really seen this question answered anywhere on the internet so I would be interested in hearing the thoughts of some of the expert minds on here.

There is a website for a service business that mostly serves people across the whole of the UK. 95% of stuff is done over the phone and people are happy with that.

However, there are some people that are specifically looking for these services from a local person in an office that they can go and visit or that can go and visit them. We also have an office and advisers locally that can do this as well.

I know that, as well as appearing in the local business listings, having a business registered locally will help certain keywords rank better in the organic listings for that local area.

My question is, would registering for the google local business listings negatively effect my ability to rank in the organic SERPS on a national level (based in the UK). We get customers from all over the UK and I wouldn't want to risk loosing those for the sake of more local people when, 90% of the time, being local or not makes no difference to people.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts with this one. I really haven't seen any clear answers online for this question. I would put it to Matt Cutts if I thought there was even a tiny chance of him actually being bothered to look at it.

Cheers for any feedback you can offer.

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