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I started building a list using solo ads. It seems you are very dependent on the auto-responder company you use. It's difficult to transfer a list from one company to another without going through the opt-in and confirmation process and perhaps losing subscribers because of the opt in confirmation process.
That being said has anyone used an open source auto-responder like Phplist?
It seems you would have more control over sending messages and confirmation. Everyone on my list is a confirmed subscriber. I look forward to everyone's thoughts.
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    One method of transferring a list is by sending them an offer for which they would opt in whereby the new opt in is associated with a different autoresponder. There are a few threads on WF about the pros and cons of each autoresponder, and to me it really comes down to personal preference. There are also varying opinions about the double opt in and whether that produces higher quality leads or not. You can find that discussion on WF as well. Again, it seems to me that it comes down to personal preference and motos, etc. I have no experience with phplist, though.
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    I used PHP List on a self-hosted basis for a short time a few years ago. It was easy to set up via CPanel though (in my opinion at least) a bit of a fiddle to operate, negotiating with the hosting company about send rates/speed and didn't offer the range of options/flexibility/convenience of the likes of Aweber - to where I soon switched things and haven't looked back.

    Personally, I'd not go back to PHP List or other self-hosted option.
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      Thanks for the feedback. I just started thinking about how you seem to be locked into using the autoresponder service you start with. You just cant switch companies and move your list without going through the process of confirming optins again.
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