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i'm working on probably 5 things or more at a time right now...i HARDLY have any money to invest and thats the BIGGEST..or perhaps the only drawback for me here.

No matter how much time i invest into something i end up as a looser because i do not have money to invest into traffic or to build a list...and even if its free traffic ..well I have learnt within the last few months that you get what you pay for...you hardly get anything when you have nothing to pay! No budget

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    I feel you, I am in the same boat right now. What I can recommend though is work on your social media profiles for your sites. Build followers on twitter. What helps with that is tweet a lot about your niche and use popular hashtags.

    Another thing is if you don't already have an email list get one going! Aweber has the first month just $1 and their are some email list builders that are free. They may have some ads and not as reliable as Aweber but people still have success with them.

    My biggest recommendation is don't give up. Keep at it. Keep reading the boards and getting advice. Worse comes to worse, get money in from another avenue and put it towards your marketing work.

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    Spreading the little money you have between 5 things is not going to help anything.
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  • I recommend you focus on one project at a time. Do not spread yourself thin. You will find yourself constantly starting things and never seeing them through.

    It may seem boring (i.e. too routine) to work on one thing at a time because you have to wait for that one project to produce results but it is better than focusing on many projects and not getting a proper return on your investment.

    And, the monetary investment can be supplemented with your time. Not just by using your time to work on your project, but using your time to make money in other ways to then use for your project. You need to find a way to raise money and then you need to invest it, along with your time and effort, into one project. Keep in mind, there are ways to make money online without any money.

    For example:

    1. Develop a article writing service
    2. Launch it and gain clients from places like Warrior Forum
    3. Invest your time to write articles for clients
    4. Once you have enough capital, outsource the writing to a professional writer (screen before hiring and paying)
    5. Continue to expand by marketing the article writing service and hiring more writers; you manage the interactions between the customer and your writers, quality control, collect money, and pay your writers.

    There is work and time that you must invest but you can literally make money from almost nothing. There are tons of ways to make money online.
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    I fully agree. I would recommend picking one thing and focussing on that. Also there are a lot of ways to build your list for free. Why don't you have a look in the War Room for some tips and strategies and also there are many free WSOs around that can teach you many free list building techniques.

    Have you tried Forum marketing? Another free option...
    Who's your favourite coach/mentor: Alex Jeffreys -v- Kenster -v- Stuart Ross?

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    Definitely focus on one thing at a time. Once you get one profitable campaign going, you can start outsourcing the work to get it done, or reinvesting the money in other ways to build your business.

    Focusing on 5 different niches or projects at once is just too much to get started.
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      There is no doubt in my mind that if you shifted your focus from five things to just ONE, you would increase your chances for huge success. Over the years I've learned that almost any method can earn money if you aim your energy and time on just that ONE.

      The easiest and most lucrative way to earn money online is to create a list and to take good care of it. Almost any good giveaway can entice people to give you their email address. If you are low on cash, then just create your own guide and convert it into a PDF.

      To create a guide, just search for information and organize it into a useful format and include photos to make it appealing. Go to fiverr and get someone to create a 3d cover to use for attracting attention.

      Anyway, my two cents worth...

      Good luck,
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    Too many projects will mean you won't spend enough time to do any of them properly. In my experience the time taken to complete each project increases exponentially each time you add a new project to it. Make sure you finish something before you start the next project. As Marlon Sanders "something 99% done, aint done" - you can't make money if it aint done.
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    Whenever someone says they don't have money to invest, I ALWAYS recommend getting started writing a short book for Kindle. This is a way you can make money without any investment. It's what helped me when I had no money, and now I invest a lot of time into writing more books and providing Kindle services for others. I truly believe in it as a way for anyone to be able to make money online.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Okay, here are a couple tips.

    First, focus on ONE THING. Invest as much time and energy as you can into that ONE thing. If you keep starting projects, what happens? You end up with a bunch of unfinished projects on your hands and nothing to show for it. Create one website, create a revenue goal, and focus on that one website until you reach your goal, then either scale up or create a new website.

    Secondly, join a community of like minded people. There are a lot of online communities full of supportive members who will encourage you to continue working. Network with people. Leave comments. Engage your visitors.

    Keep at it and good luck!
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