Bakai's youtube report. Are you there dude?

by ebs675
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Baki, check your email, please. I purchased your report and then sent you a few emails asking some questions. Unfortunately, its been 2 weeks with no response.

I tried sending you a PM but it will not let me because I don't have enough posts(I definitely do not understand that rule.) Likewise, I do not have enough posts to reply to your original thread.

Anyway, Baki, let me know if you are having an email problem and I will post the questions here.

While I am on the subject, who else has purchased his youtube report? What kind of results are you having with this grey hat technique? I definitely liked his info but I am only in the early stages of implementation.

Bakai's original thread listed below:
Sorry, you will have to copy and paste because I do not have enough posts to insert a hot link, or do much else for that matter.

Thanks all
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