Is it possible to trace an Ebay user's IP address?

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I was wondering if it is at all possible to trace an Ebay members IP address. Reason being is that I had one nasty person who I bought from and never received goods. After leaving this person a 'neutral' feedback, they have been harrassing me. They have now purchased from me using a second account, for the sole purpose of leaving negative feedback. This one I am 100% sure about due to the messages received from her.

However, now I have another Ebay account purchasing and leaving negative feedback and it sounds very much like it is her again. I would like to be able to find a way to prove that it is her harrassing me again using a third account.

I have a feeling it's not possible, but thought I'd ask anyway.

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    It would certainly be possible for eBay to find out whether the same person owns each account. I would report the matter to them and show them the messages you've been getting. If it can be seen that the same person is harassing you, eBay can remove the unwarranted negative feedback.

    It may not be practical for you at this stage, but I always used to operate a separate eBay buying and selling account, partly to avoid the kind of unfortunate issue you've experienced.

    A short-term solution (if the buyer decides to keep opening new accounts), is to disallow sales from eBay members with no previous buying history - I think you can still do this via seller options, but it's been some time since I checked.

    Good luck.

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    I think the answer is yes, but I do not know how.
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      Frank mentioned about blocking certain type of sellers and he is right. I have been trading on Ebay for many years now and have only just found the option.

      I have copied the parameters you can set below. You can amend these as you wish.

      Probably to late now to stop the current person who is giving you trouble, but maybe useful in the future.

      Block buyers who:
      • Have received 2 unpaid item case(s) within 1 month(s)
      • Have 4 policy violation report(s) within 1 month(s)
      • Have a Feedback score equal to or lower than -1
      • Have a Feedback score of 5 or lower and no credit card on file

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