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Hi guys,

I keep hearing how important it is to have a network of other similar minded individuals to collaborate with, but I never really understood how one goes and joins or creates a network... Could someone please explain this?

Thanks in advance!
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    It's pretty simple really, your professional network is (as you say) the group of other professionals that you know.

    You build that network mostly organically, simply by connecting with other people at your place of work, college or university, or by attending business networking events.

    Offline, there are heaps of events put on by various groups for business people. Your local chamber of commerce for instance probably holds regular networking functions where people chat, exchange business cards, and do business. There is the BNI which takes on members, one per business type, where members exchange leads.

    I know lots of people who built life long relationships while at university, and have used those to help find jobs, or business opportunities.

    Now-a-days you can also do it electronically by joining various online groups like the Warriors forum.

    There are plenty of people here who, once you get to know, will form part of your network, and will provide business opportunities in the form of joint ventures, work, leads, etc.

    One thing though, building your network takes time, just as building any relationship does. And just like any relationship your network requires maintenance and contact to keep it strong. Don't just collect business cards, collect relationships.
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    great explanation, thank you!
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      That's a good explanation.

      Another one is what's known as a mastermind. This is a group of people who come together for a common purpose. I think it was Napolean Hill who first coined the term "mastermind" in his book Think and Grow Rich. Check it out.

      One of the best things you can do to propel your growth is join a mastermind, which is generally a group of people who have paid to join and are led by one or two leaders. Networks as described above have their place and serve a purpose. But many, many people have gotten a lot of value out of paid masterminds which run for a specific length of time and are dedicated to a specific purpose. Generally, they are limited to a small group of people.

      There are people in all different fields offering masterminds, so you'll want to look for one offered by someone in the field you want to be in.

      Generally, they are for people at a certain level in their business and can be expensive. They are usually not for rank beginners and I don't recommend them as a first step.

      But it's good to be aware of them and keep an eye out for masterminds in your field that you might want to join when you are ready.

      I have a business coach and have paid healthy sums to be part of small groups like this that she led. It was well worth it! I'm still in touch with my business coach (although not formally being coached by her right now) and have an informal mastermind relationship with my peers from that group. It's helpful and comforting to be able to bounce ideas off of them or ask questions when I need to since these ladies know exactly what I'm doing and am trying to accomplish.

      Napolean Hill calls it the power of the "third mind" -- that is when two people get together, a synergy happens. You have your mind, their mind, and the ideas, resources, etc. that come from the "third mind", the synergy of collaborating with someone else that would never happen otherwise.

      Hope that helps!

      "You can't market here. This is a marketing discussion forum!"
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        A Network is like a system of your work, for example, if you running a website, you may need webmaster, graphic designer, live support, SEOer, affiliates etc. to keep the website running well, that's a network you can cooperate with people via website or local. However, building a network is hard, you may need time to communicate with people and find something in common.
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    Being part of a network is great, but pick a network of people that really try to help each other at least part of the time (EX: the Warrior Forum).

    Always keep in mind as well: "If the blind lead the blind they both will fall in the ditch."
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    i created my network by first giving them quality free ebook then i sold them my service, they were quite happy and over 200 orders i did not got even 1 refund
    and eventually i started growing my community basically as email list and skype group
    So let me sum this up
    1: Identifying problem of group of people
    2: Creating quality content for them [this part i recommend some free ebook guide]
    3: getting them on your email list
    4: Selling them some related quality service that will actually help them
    5: Keeping in touch bringing new guides and updating your service

    Originally Posted by Naks View Post

    Hi guys,

    I keep hearing how important it is to have a network of other similar minded individuals to collaborate with, but I never really understood how one goes and joins or creates a network... Could someone please explain this?

    Thanks in advance!
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