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I am planning to offer hot discounted products on Amazon. Do you think there will be any buyers for this kind of data or I can make mailing list out of this.
Other items I am thinking to offer are

Movers and Shakers
Best Selling

Please let me know if any of you subscribe these kind of feeds or pay for this kind of data.
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    I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean to combine some data from Amazon into custom feeds?
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    yes if your offers are out of box...
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      I can code anything specific to Amazon Data..
      Like Pricing Information
      Finding Discounted Products
      Specific Keywords Products
      Movers Shakers
      Best Sellers
      or I have attached one sample data sheet..just want to know Are there any buyers for this kind of data in the market.
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    I have two ideas..

    1.Get one funky domain name, build an attractive one page website put all this hot discounted offer products images, details on them, share that page on facebook.

    Keep consistancy in posting hot new discounted offers. May be you can get sales from it.

    2. Build any software to pull such data, create one wso and sale it in warrior forum.
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      Thanks for your suggestion.

      I will give it a try for first part.

      I am interested in creating a software as that's my forte and ideally I want to come up some product for this.
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    Now I get it. Indeed, that kind of information should be valuable to someone. At least on BlackHatWorld there have been people asking for Amazon ASIN scraper and being ready to pay for it

    I was actually making similar stuff than you are. I coded a program that fetched Amazon product information and laid it out nicely to Excel sheet. I also made a website with same idea. However, I never published either because they were big projects and I didn't have time for them.

    Drop me a PM if you want to exchange ideas.
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    You might want to try: ZonASINHunter - Fastest ASIN Grabber & Amazon Product Scraper

    It's a scraper software, so no API is needed and you're not being limited by those hourly limit. It can either scrape from URL or ASINs, filter the result and get detailed data.
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    Hmmm interesting concept, I like it!

    Do you have experience with this software?

    "Never, Never, Never Give Up" /Winston Churchill

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