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I've been working on a video blog for several years. My initial thought was Google Adsense revenue. You have the YouTube revenue and then the Blog revenue via Adsense. I guess my problem is traffic. This might be impacted by not having many posts over 250 words. I usually do 1 or 2 paragraphs per post because the focus is the video. My niche is inspirational/motivational videos/quotes.

At one point in time, I had good traffic from reddit, but now I am down to basically nothing. www soleigh com

I always come here and search both blog promotion and any youtube promotion. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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    For the onsite SEO you can install a free plugin called 'SEO by Yoast', it will tell you exactly how to optimize your posts. If you don't know much about offline SEO there are many Warriors for Hire here than can help you with that!
    Good luck
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      Why would anyone come to your site and click on an ad?

      What is there at your site that is truly compelling? Is it your videos? Is it your content? Answer that and you will have the key to getting more traffic.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    The site could use some fixing up. There is some odd blue text at the top of the screen, that is just out of place. I would think the main post text should be under the video, not in the sidebar, just odd as well.

    The lower ad is way down below the video, probably missed by many. Not to mention, you have the space, why not a bigger ad? Also, the ad itself is not real click friendly, you have to click to get the link, then click to go to amazon. One click sure would be better. Just not a good compelling ad in itself.

    Also, just wondering why the heart image in the side bar is linked? Just goes to the image, just strange.

    I've never been a fan of adsense, usually pays pennies per click. Why to use a good affiliate program like Clickbank, there are a ton of self help and self improvement products there. Make dollars instead of pennies.

    You top ad is showing a straight talk cell phone ad for me, not exactly targeted to your niche. Another reason to place your own ads.

    One last thing, you have two sets of social bookmarking links, probably confusing to visitors.

    Just some thoughts
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    Hi Accendo,

    I can see you have put a lot of effort in to your site, but I think the biggest thing missing from it, is YOU and your personality. People buy from people. Have a think about how you can introduce more income streams, be more present on social media. Maybe create some longer posts and content, rather than image and videos.

    If you are passionate about personal development, although this is a saturated market, there are lots of products that you could sell to people interested in PD.


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    I agree with Beth but could also offer some insight from many different viewpoints.

    - it lacks personality
    - it lacks clarity
    - your site design (the colors and boxes and navigation) distracts me from your content. Let your content be the design and focus...not the frame (the template) upon which the content sits on.
    - Get rid of the ratings. Nobody's using that. And it's not like you want to communicate to everyone that some of your content is less valuable than others. If you want, have a list on the right side for the most popular and that's it.
    - I noticed how you have the name "MoveUpWithMike". That actually sounds like a muuuuuuuuch better domain name than "soleigh" which is easy to spell wrong.

    - You need better quality content and to carefully group them together within a more clearly-established theme.
    - There are so many better sites out there now. (In terms of design and content.)
    - Make your content absolutely shareworthy.

    - Many of these type of sites are passed around on Facebook and other social media with huge success. All it takes is some writing/video and then a nice image. Maybe you can try that.
    - You need more text on your video pages if you want more traffic from Google SEO.
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