My first ClickBank product - now I'm looking for affiliates

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After taking action and creating a product, I then created a sales letter (with lots of Warrior help & reading books) which I wrote myself.

Writing the sales letter myself was a great learning experience where I learned much more than paying and having it written for me.

The next route I took was to reister the product with ClickBank and it is now available for affiliates with a 75% commission rate. I thought it best to offer a 75% rate to try and attract affiliates.

I have created an 'affiliate' page on the site to make it easy for affiliates to get the hoplink code and my next task is to start driving traffic to both the sales letter and the affiliate page.

I will end with a big Thank you to everyone for all the help so far and to say that if you are in a fitness / bodybuilding niche that I would be incredibly grateful if you thought the product was worthy of you promoting it.

Thanks again
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    Congratulations on getting your first product created. You've taken the first step to a potentially lucrative online career.

    Enjoy your day!

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    Well done,

    You are on the path to success, many people (like myself) do not have their own products.

    I want to wish you all the best
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      To be Honest Your sales page looks weird.Hire some minisite designer[Their are a lot of people you can hire under $150,search at WSO forum] and get a good lookin site with high quality graphics.It will attract affiliate and boost your sales too.
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    Thanks for the squidoo post
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    Good sales letter. Congrats
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    One of the best ways is to contact potential affiliates directly and genuinely via the various search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alexa, Technorati, Squidoo, EzineArticles, etc), as well as searching for and recruiting your direct and indirect competitors' affiliates.

    Competitors can also be found on Affiliate Networks like,,, etc. Then you can find their affiliates by checking who's linking to them with Yahoo's site explorer tool. Whether they're promoting digital products or physical products they may still want to promote your ebook.

    You could start by finding bloggers within your niche who rank in the search engines for your potential customer's *buying* keywords and/or show decent traffic on Alexa.

    You can also outsource this work by creating an email message and compiling a list of keywords related to your niche that you can give to someone that is competent enough to adjust the emails so that it's more personal by rearranging words like "website" and "blog", adding the site owner's first name, and listing something you noticed about the blog or site. If you do this, be sure to keep track of who you contact and their reply so you know who to follow up with.

    Then, be sure to let your affiliates know that you're always available to help them generate more targeted referrals.

    Above all, make sure your website converts the traffic your affiliates will be sending you. It would also help if you have a product to upsell to the customer that will pay your affiliates a commission.

    Good luck!
    Lavelle Collins
    Affiliate Manager
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    Hi JulesBrad,

    I've sent you PM, I hope you're interested. thanks!
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    I can help you find affiliates to promote your product. PM me for details on Instant Affiliate Pipeline
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    That's a good start..go to the Joint Venture section to harvest potential partners

    Good luck!

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    I'm not in the fitness niche otherwise I might have promoted this myself. Congrats on getting you product out there though.

    You have a good page but on my browser your header graphic doesn't completely line up with the rest of the page. I don't know if that is just me.

    Also, affiliates like it when you give them materials to use. You could provide banners, keywords, articles etc.
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    Great stuff that you have taken action. To Your Internet Business Success!
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