What do you outsource?

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A simple one,what are the tasks that you outsource?
They can be anything, or nothing for that matter..

And what is it that you do all by yourself?

Post away
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    That's really a very open ended question, and very subjective as of course you can outsource absolutely anything these days.

    However, you should really outsource the things that you don't have the time or the skills to carry out yourself. I guess it all boils down to having the money to outsource in the first place!

    For me personally, I would consider outsourcing things such as video creation, more advanced website features and copy writing.

    Things that only I would only ever carry out myself would be the online banking side of the business, and anything like this that could cause a security risk if I was outsourcing it.
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    The only thing I outsource is the content creation. All other tasks are on my head
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    Originally Posted by Ean Stark View Post

    A simple one,what are the tasks that you outsource?
    They can be anything, or nothing for that matter..

    And what is it that you do all by yourself?

    Post away
    I outsource the following:

    1. Content creation for affiliate sites (but not for my personal blog)
    2. Design and Programming

    I do myself:
    1. promotion like article submissions
    2. blog posting and commenting
    3. rss submissions and the like

    The reason why I do my own promotion is because I want to have full control of types of websites that I want to have backlinks from. I can't entrust my sites to other people when it comes to promotion and site management.

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    The only tasks I outsource is my content creation and occasionally I pay people to add the products to my PLR store as I am quite busy on my other businesses.

    To be honest if you have a task you dont want to do or your time is better spent doing something else then outsource it...

    I had a great VA at the beginning of the year... she would add products and services and would just motor on and to be honest she made me a fortune...

    She had to leave my company though :-( it was like losing a limb when she said she could no longer work for me |:-(

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    I mostly outsource:
    -content (not the main sales page/ preselling stuff)
    -video animation stuff

    those are the main stuff

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    For me depends on the project but mostly articles and graphics.

    I handle all technical stuff (coding) and marketing myself but sometimes when I'm feeling lazy or require higher skills then I let someone else do it.
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    Since I'm a list building marketer, I outsource on getting traffic into my sales page by buying solo ads. It is fast and reliable since I can check the effectiveness of my squeeze page.
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    This really an open questions,
    it depend on what you really want to get
    done fast but don't have enough time, skills
    or idea on how to get them done.
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  • I am big on outsourcing and try to outsource most processes in my business.

    Sophie Choung
    Solo Ad Queen

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    I outsource video creation and uploading to YouTube and other places...
    Also content creation for my blogs and posting ads on CL and other sites....
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    real youtube views that never come into problem with youtube views
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    You know the technical stuff that would take weeks to learn otherwise.

    I'm sure most of you guys are the same.

    I mean there are tons of very talented people here at the W.F. to take
    your pick from.

    Talent is everywhere, especially here.

    Have a great one fellow warriors.
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      GCBmark20 is right...anything that is tedious and may reduce staff costing can be outsourced. Main motive is to save time. So large file such as video creation and proofreading is to be outsourced....
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    Usually that is:
    - programming
    - design
    - content
    - proofreading
    - some backlinking stuff
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    Mostly content creation, and grunt work like data entry

    I will run profitable ad campaigns for money.

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    I currently don't really outsource anything. In fact, I take on work from other bloggers who want to outsource tasks they dislike. I love creating content and whip it out quickly so that has always been easy for me and won't be something I'd outsource because I wouldn't want the quality to suffer.

    In the future however I'd like to outsource the more monotonous tasks that something come up involving copy/paste/data entry/boredom. That gets old fast!
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    I'm a programmer but mostly using client side languages. So I outsource to mainly one programmer that I have been using for over 7 years now.

    At first it was challenging to teach the programmer exactly how I wanted things done. I had to explain that the people who will be using my software don't know anything techical.

    So we had to create systems that are harder to create so flexiblity and ease of use was the norm. I also had to teach the programmer about marketing online so he would not create things that would not work for the audience of the software.

    Now submitting a new module is much easier as he knows exactly what I expect.

    I also outsource some of my images as I'm starting to get better makeing them, it still takes me longer than what I have to invest in them.

    I also trained 10 VAs for a marketer that I worked for a while back. That is even more challenging because I had to learn the processes he wanted me to teach before I could begin the lessons.

    They spoke fairly good English but it was not their first language. I had to come up with different ways of explaining things just so they would understand.

    It started out as group lessons for a few weeks and then it became very easy to tell which VAs exelled in different things. Then I was able to group them into smaller groups teaching what they performed the best in.

    I hope this has been helpful,
    Steve Yakim
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    Outsourcing your needs not only helps you to reduce extra cost being spent on staff but also helps in focussing on core jobs of the organization.
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    The only task I do is to get Leads by following relevant methods of marketing. People outsource Software and website projects to me. Kind of Vice Versa.

    Software & Web Development at Miracle Group

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    Many people still find it a big step to start outsourcing, however, in the 'offline' world it's done every day.
    Most businesses will get someone else to design their brochures, print them, sign write their vehicles, install their computers, handle their legal matters or place their adverts.
    No one's in the least surprised.
    Online 'businesses' are just that - businesses and it makes sense to use specialists to handle areas that they're better at than you.
    If you're not a professional writer, there's no harm outsourcing the task as long as your specifying exactly what you need or if you can't handle web design, hire a professional.
    Better to concentrate on the areas you can do well and build your business from there.
    You can find people on the this forum for most tasks you're struggling with.
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    This thread has been quite helpful and at the right time. Now I feel like I can outsource everything!

    But what I will start outsourcing first is... someone to help me handle my social media accounts. Also write articles and help me post them across the web. Just this within itself will create a big leap in my business.

    Ultimately I want to outsource my customer support and also my email auto responder management. So that's the goal for 2014!
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    I outsource my content writing for a few of my blogs unless they are my personal sites in which I would write everything myself.

    But even when outsourcing the content writing, when I get it I tend to do a lot of editing and adding/cutting to it - I use them as 'launch pads' if you will to give me a base to work with. Much, much easier than starting from scratch.

    I just give them keywords and a topic and off we go!

    If you can dream it, you can do it - Walt Disney

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    I don't like doing anything by myeself. I can do simple php, I can do good html css.
    I still usually outsource everything except putting the wordpress site up and installing the plugins. I still usually have the theme tweaked and plugins made or changed.

    I outsource writing ect. I can do the seo but usually outsource that also.

    My favorite thing to do is network. Life is so much easier with partners on a project. Your responsible for things and they are responsible for other items.

    Right now we have a project with five guys. A few of us are jack of all trades and master of none and then we have one that is a writer (thank heavens), we still outsource. Coder ect.
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      graphics and the code that I don't feel like writing myself.

      Oh, and spiders. I like to hire human spiders from time to time.

      Mastermind Groups Platform .. plantdreams.org .. public beta, partners wanted

      a social network w/ Coaching / Projects / Goals / Habits / Crowdfunding / Team Building / Alt.Payments

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    PERSONALLY - I outsource 90% of my content. I do REVIEW ARTICLES myself, but outsource general content based on long tailed keywords to my writers in India and/or the Philippines. I also outsource backlinks for my 2ND tiered links.
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    You can outsource on anything. But to save, just outsource those things that you can't do. Outsourcing also is very expensive but if you have the capability to do it, it could really multiply your time and effort.

    Are you still struggling with your income? Try to check this.

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    I outsource
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    My basic rule of thumb is to outsource anything that is repetitive and can be taught to others.
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  • Pretty much everything I can to free up as much time as possible for other tasks. It takes some time and trial and error to find the right outsourcers for each job, but once I find good ones I hang onto them. If I can find someone good to outsource to, I will do it and use my time to create more products or ideas.
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    I sometimes, outsource content creation. The content creation is tricky because you have to be VERY specific with what you want. I have gotten back some real trash. Don't know how they keep their jobs.

    I outsource video submissions, press release submissions, slide share submissions and stuff like that. I don't outsource any social media. I like to build my own relationships. :-)
    Geri Richmond
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    I dont do much marketing online on a daily basis... there's nothing labor intensive that i do that needs to be outsourced. At one point i outsourced my article content... but soon realized that i could do it better - and for free... for myself.
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    Outsourcing......hmmm -

    Video uploads
    I repurpose PLR alot ....that's kind like outsourcing.
    Blog commenting
    Article submission
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      OH dear, - my attempts to outsource have been tragic to say the least

      I understood the need to use my time wisely, and I went to Freelancer dot com and picked on the guys with great reviews and English as a semi mother tongue. I got them to do me a dozen articles on XYZ. And boy what absolute rubbish.

      I got them to re-do, but it was like I'd asked for the Empire State Building and got mud huts. I mean, what's the chance of a re-work even approaching the required standard?

      I went thru this process twice with different operators, and got pretty much the same results.

      The experience cost me time and money, and then I had to do the stuff properly myself. Not a great first experience.

      The main result of this is that it's left me feeling really cynical about the capabilities of outsource workers, and I now don't outsource anything, which is a shame.

      So while I'm here answering the OP's question, I'd be happy to hear from anyone who can point me in the direction of a good freelance site.

      Thanks guys
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    I always outsource those things I can't do or when I don't have time for it. Outsourcing is awesome - you always find anyone who can do it!
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  • Profile picture of the author DURABLEOILCOM
    Web Site Design
    Brand Design
    Web Site Development
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    • Profile picture of the author Biz Max
      Graphic design and web design. I can barely draw a stick figure
      Small Business Marketing & Branding Specialist
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    Originally Posted by Ean Stark View Post

    A simple one,what are the tasks that you outsource?
    They can be anything, or nothing for that matter..

    And what is it that you do all by yourself?

    Post away
    I would agree with AffiliateRg the brief answer is given, you outsource mostly what you have not the capability for.

    These tasks could be technical that you may not perform (Design, Development skills etc)
    Mostly guys outsource their content writing tasks (Yes! takes time for many)

    For me yes I outsource many things out included design, development, content writing.

    P.S my first post, pardon me for any mistake. ;-)
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  • Profile picture of the author svetod
    I do outsource all technical parts (website creation, coding) and also the easy the but the time wasting work. That way I am able to concentrate on the things I am really good at - PPC for example.

    Check out my story at http://affiliate-lifestyle.com/
    Instagram: svetod

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    You can outsource task like administrative, technical and social. A piece of advice when outsourcing tasks, you should not outsource tasks that is core to your business. It will be very crucial.

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  • Profile picture of the author Katie Rich
    Website or blog design
    Article writing, though I tend to edit the end result myself
    Anything that needs code or is technical
    Keyword research
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  • Profile picture of the author Katie Rich
    Website or blog design
    Article writing, though I tend to edit the end result myself
    Anything that needs code or is technical
    Keyword research
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  • Profile picture of the author Jan79
    I only outsource content (I can't write too many articles myself every day). Posting them and maintaining the websites I do myself.
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  • Profile picture of the author Katie Rich
    Website or blog design
    Article writing, though I tend to edit the end result myself
    Anything that needs code or is technical
    Keyword research
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  • Profile picture of the author richardseo
    if you're not doing it already... you should outsource your CLIENTS social media management. See retortal.com for a trade only, white label, social media management platform and content service that makes selling social to your clients super simple!
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  • You can basically outsource any job you want. The trick is figuring out what you want to outsource, how much you're willing to delegate.

    When you outsource, you need to be able to trust the other person to do his job. If you're the micromanaging type, it would be difficult for you to outsource anything.
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  • Profile picture of the author ErinWalsh
    I don't look at it as outsourcing. I have several people on contract for me. They're not officially employees of the company. They are contractors. Before I hire anyone I make them submit examples of their work so I can see if they are worth the money I'm paying. I've turned down a lot of people who couldn't write a decent article or build a decent web page.

    The key to outsourcing anything is get samples so you know if they're going to waste your time or if you're going to have a productive relationship with them.

    Boost Software teamed up with Neverblue. They helped produce this new affiliate video.

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  • Profile picture of the author ConnorMRR
    I have three writers that I work with almost on a daily basis, and to be honest that's about the only thing I outsource now. Once upon a time it was everything, from content to graphics to coding. But I decided a year ago that it was all costing me too much, so I got busy learning as much as I could for graphic design and coding.
    Still Going Strong Since 2006!
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  • Profile picture of the author manolo2
    i outsource all repetative tasks that I consider aren't Money Activities so things like certain blog posts or banner ad creations and some website design stuff

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  • I was thinking about outsourcing taking a bath, or sleeping. You know? Someone sleeps for you while you tirelessly work (and earn money) online? Ah, a lofty dream...

    On a more serious and sane note...

    I am currently outsourcing the web design element of my site. If I did it myself, I wouldn't have time to take a bath or sleep.
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  • Profile picture of the author rakhwas
    1. Content Creation
    2. Programming in c++ as i got a tool in mind that will change the IM world as we see it.
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    • Profile picture of the author wordwizard
      I outsource mostly design and sometimes other things, like doing transcriptions. Sometimes content too, though I do most of my writing myself.

      And sometimes I also outsource promotion, especially when it's well priced and I know exactly what I'm getting.

      on sales letters, opt-in packs, emails etc. PM me if interested!
      FREE Training & Software/Plugins CLICK HERE to Join My IM Facebook Group!
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    I outsource blog posting task. Other, I only trust myself.
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  • Profile picture of the author BellaGeen
    I outsource everything and nothing.

    I do myself each aspect of the business: programming, writing, marketing, videos, onsite SEO, commenting, etc... but on each one of those tasks I outsource something and micro manage the service providers.

    The only one thing I outsource completely - is graphical designing, because I am so bad at it
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  • Profile picture of the author dougb
    I outsource keyword research, they find me the low competition, high volume words/phrases and I try to use them properly lol.

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    The Newbie Marketing Center
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    My Marketing Trek

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    I focus on content marketing with article marketing to drive traffic for more leads and sales. I outsource articles for me also. Saves me more time in the long run.
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  • Profile picture of the author Self Made
    Honestly anything I can outsource that will make things faster for me I will. Graphics is big, ebook covers, sale pages, programming anything.. everything but I usually have my input on it
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  • Profile picture of the author imrizk
    You can out source almost anything, for example, I found someone to fix my site theme to be more converting to amazon.
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  • Profile picture of the author onpointinfo
    Lets keep it simple, you can outsource anything that you need to get done and you do not have time for or rather just put your valuable time into some thing else
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  • Profile picture of the author Danny Shaw
    I outsource everything apart from research. Content, seo, web design, social.... all outsourced.

    It is however getting harder to find reliable people. Only 1 in 10 I find actually do the work required.
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  • Profile picture of the author Malteaser
    Back-linking and landing pages and anything that is too techy and that is going to waste my precious time. Anything else I do because it is important to be involved as much as possible in this business.
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  • Profile picture of the author Fairusd
    I am a newbie in keyword research but i want to advertise on Google Adwords. Anyone knows anything about this, pls email me at fastartup@gmail[dot]com
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  • Profile picture of the author cyberzolo
    Anything that you don't have to do whether it be content, promotion, etc.
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  • Profile picture of the author mikeu1
    I say outsource as many things as you can afford and only do the thing that you are really good at.but be sure what ever you are personally is something that directly effect your bottom line.
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  • Profile picture of the author Sheryl Bagley
    I use to outsource:
    - very small projects that are time-eating
    - very large projects that I can't possibly manage in-house due to lack of resources
    - very technical projects (design, programming etc.)
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  • Profile picture of the author AffEngineer
    Most of my affiliate marketing business is paying for advertising -> driving traffic -> making sales.

    I outsource a lot of little things that fall under design and website development. The ONLY thing I'll probably never outsource is the whole setting up campaign phase. If I outsource that, I'll most likely lose my business lol.
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  • Profile picture of the author barbling
    Posting to Facebook groups I manage.
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  • Profile picture of the author arny660
    If I am offering a free report as a lead magnet, I like to outsource this.

    I make sure, of course, that the person I am outsourcing it to is competent, and l always check the work when I get it back.
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  • Profile picture of the author clipping path
    graphics design
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  • Profile picture of the author Chosen2013
    I do everything by myself.
    I exchange E-Currencies(PP<>Payza<>PM<>Payoneer<>Skrill<>Paxum< >WMZ).
    My ICQ: 498*639*434, Skype: Chosen_FTS
    I will show you my references on request.
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  • Profile picture of the author DURABLEOILCOM
    Website work
    Graphic design
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  • Profile picture of the author basse
    I outsource press releases

    ==> I am back!: imbasse.com

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  • Profile picture of the author WarnerDigitalMD
    I only outsource when I'm physically strapped and can't take on that commitment of the project for whatever reason. Most of my outsourcing is by two people. One of my buddies does content creation and another one is a programmer. While I use the term "outsource" lightly in this case, they are apart of my team and when I need the help they get the job done.
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