What limitations are you facing with Wordpress

by zaco
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I am wondering what limitations do you face when using Wordpress, I know it all depends on what you want to do but there should be some major problems or road blocks that Wordpress users face and would like to have them fixed
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    wordpress works fine for me. never had any problems with it.
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      Originally Posted by macgig View Post

      wordpress works fine for me. never had any problems with it.
      Are there any features you would like to have in a generic theme that do not exist? even if they are special features to your design that not too many people require?
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      That's a bit of a grand assumption, given that WP has been around quite a while - I have yet to encounter an insurmountable obstacle.
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      Greg Ray

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        Originally Posted by Greg Ray View Post

        I have yet to encounter an insurmountable obstacle.
        That's what I was trying to say.
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    1. No "perfect" themes. Because my website development clients always come with unique requirements, I have to find the best potential theme for them, then usually hack it to fit their requirements.

    This drives up the cost of projects, as does the time required to find the best themes. And some themes are less flexible that they should be. This also means I had to learn some PHP, as well as the HTML and CSS I already knew.

    2. A WordPress, theme or plugin update can break your site. Then you have to do emergency diagnostics and repairs.

    3. WordPress is hyped as allowing website owners to build, or at least add content to, their own sites with no expertise required. And they can - if they don't care about having a sloppy, amateurish website.

    In fact, and in most cases, if the owner wants professional looking content, they will not know how to get it. In spite of the claims, great looking content requires image editing skills, theme editing, CSS (in the themes and inline in the pages/posts) and HTML work.
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    With wordpress if a theme is messing you up all you have to do is switch to another theme and hopefully the case is solved if you have little idea of how WP works.

    The only problem i find with WP is adsense ad blocks, there are lots of plugins for that but we still prefer to use a static site because it converts more and allows us total control over the precise place we want the ads.

    Every other thing is perfect especially for beginners.
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    I am using wordpress from 3+ years and never had a problem with it. I think Wordpress is so vast and highly adaptable and easily integrated with anything. Webmasters who are try to build a multiple sites with different niche, Wordpress is a platform for them.

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    I don't see any limitation except that favorite theme of mine that I've been using for years is not updated anymore - but anyway that is not a wordpress problem itself.

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    No roadblocks...except when you use free themes.
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    I am wondering what limitations do you face when using Wordpress
    Wordpress has never reached through my computer, slapped me across the face, and tied me to my chair and physically FORCED me to do my work. Which is why it's wordpress' fault that I get nothing done.
    Some cause-oriented hackers recently hacked one of my websites. So I researched what they're about and then donated a large sum of money to the entity they hate the most.

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    WP is slower than html pages. I'm not sure if it's true or not, but I've read a few times that Google gives preference to faster pages.

    Html is also much more secure, especially if you are sometimes offline for 2 or 3 weeks at a time like I am. I'll stick to html (actually php) pages.

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    none. although, i have free templates and since i know css and html, i change almost everything to match my preferences. once you start coding, wp has no limits
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