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This is one of my first sites. I am new to IM and this site was a test case for me. It is a broad niche site covering many topics, mainly leisure and entertainment. The purpose was to qualify for Adsense and Amazon. I wanted to see what it was all about and loaded content in order to qualify.

What would you do or recommend? Narrow down the focus or trash the whole thing?

I learned a lot by jumping in and just doing it but now I need to refine my approach.

I am only getting a few unique visitors per day mainly through postings on Facebook and Twitter.

Two of my posts are ranked #1 on Google. That was my strategy. Rank individual posts rather than the site itself.

I have been sitting here alone for months on end trying to crack this nut called IM. Any input positive or negative would be greatly appreciated.

Please check out this site and be brutally honest. Thanks, Vic

Here is my site hamptonsgreen.com

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