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OK, this is it for me. In order to make enough money to climb out of the government-dependency trap I'm in, I have to be able to make enough at one time, and within one month, to tell USDA, etc. that I will no longer be requiring their services. I'm moving to WA at the end of June, to be near my family. (There is no gainful employment here, and I do mean none). I do not want to have to move into another gov't housing trap (you move in, and you pay a small amount for rent; the regular rent is very high; you cannot get even a part-time job, if you can find one, or your rent automatically goes sky-high).

I am educated, and willing to work hard, as in closing the door and not going out until I turn this around. I'd really like some advice here, and wish I had a mentor. I also cannot invest much at all.
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    I can understand where you're coming from, possibly more than any other Warrior on these boards. You can do it, trust me. You can make it if you're willing to work.

    The first thing you need is some sort of direction. When I first started, I had all of the drive and passion but no direction. Once I found that direction, however, I had something to throw all that motivation at.

    I'd suggest making a list of skills. Think of it like a resume for yourself. Try to come up with a list of things you can do. Narrow it down to things you, personally, do particularly well.

    Then just narrow it down to things which people will give you money for doing.

    The next step is doing what you're doing now, marketing yourself to potential opportunities. When people see how committed you are, you'll have no trouble finding the money you need. Sometimes you'll need to put forth some effort, try some things on your own, before people are convinced to spend their time and money on you.

    You're on the right track, just stick with it.
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      Thanks, Shadow, for your sage advice. I've already made a list; I'm educated in and worked in Emergency Administration and Management, and I'm well versed in Emergency Preparedness. I'm almost finished with my master's in Emergency Management.
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          I just want to tell you like it is.

          It is very hard to make money fast in this business is you invest very little. You can do it, but it will grow very slowly

          To grow fast like you want you probably need money to invest. I did this by getting a job. I realize you can't but you need to find some way to be able to put some money into your business or it simply is not going to work out how you want it to.

          If your driven you will find a way.

          Now as far as direction. I would suggest getting a coach. This did wonders for me and changed my business. Then you wont waste time trying to figure it out on your own.
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          Originally Posted by LynnLewis View Post

          Thank you, Lynn, I'm looking at this now...(:
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    What do you mean by gainful employment? I am not trying to sound harsh but you need to get any job. Don't let your education prevent you from making an income. No-one here has a magic bullet/solution to help you. You either need to have a product to sell or a service to offer. What can you do? However, even after saying that you won't be able to make a bunch of cash all in one go. It will take time to build up your business. Seriously, get a job, any job and work part-time at building your online business.
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      One of the quickest side businesses I have found is selling used books on Amazon. Books are super cheap and often given away for free. You can list them on Amazon and easily make a few hundred a month without tons of effort. If you like it you can ramp it up and carry other products as well. You can send the items yourself or utilize their FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) program.

      The first book I read was "How To Sell Books On Amazon" by Christine Miller. Both myself and my Mother have read this book and activated the info with success.

      Hope this helps!
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        Originally Posted by DawnyaSasse View Post

        One of the quickest side businesses I have found is selling used books on Amazon. Books are super cheap and often given away for free....
        I'm sorry but I ABSOLUTELY DISAGREE with this suggestion. I have been reselling online for 4-5 years now, and there is ZERO money to be made selling books. I have dozens of very popular titles that I have been sitting on for months. I sell like one book every one or two months. Most books sell for a penny on Amazon.

        I do, however, agree with the idea of reselling. I was in your position 5 years ago and I was able to build a reselling business with only $10 in my bank account. I have been reselling online for 4 years now.

        At one time or another I have resold just about everything. There are products that have a high frequency. What I mean by frequency is that they sell extremely fast. There are items that I buy, list, and package for shipment all within an hour or two. This would include cell phones, high end electronics, tools, military equipment, and a small list of other things. The tricky part at first is finding out where to get your hands on these items.

        Items to stay away from BOOKS, CDs, DVD, and clothes. Sure these items sell, but the mark ups are horrible and you will be sitting on them FOREVER. You need high frequency. Items you can flip quickly and with high markups.

        I'm going to write an ebook on Reselling. I just sent you a PM. I wish you the best of luck!
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          I do have some public domain books listed on Amazon, for Kindle, which I do quite well with, averaging about $1.00 per book per month, over and over. I take great care to make sure the books are as perfect as they can be, with nice covers, good editing, etc., and my customers seem to appreciate it. I'd like to end up with 3,000 or more books, which is a lofty goal! I love to write, and hope to branch out and sell my own books.
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        I can't work right now, cretzor, I'm not allowed-I have several aneurysms, and some other stuff going on, which have to be fixed soon, or I may die. I may die anyway. I can, however, write and research. I'm not saying that so you feel sorry for me, it's just a fact.
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